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What Is CDP?

By Michael McNichols

Research done by Ascend2 and Research Partners found that in terms of data-driven marketing objectives 51% of marketers viewed the ability to make more decisions based on data analysis as a top priority.

Customer data platforms (CDPs) aid in this. The CDP Institute defines a customer data platform is “packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.”

Understand customer data platforms (CDPs)

Abbas Makhdum, a Senior Director of Product Marketing for Oracle Marketing, emphasizes three main points in that definition:

  • “Packaged software.” This means that a CDP is something you buy and not a project IT or an agency can build.

  • “Unified, persistent database.” This term describes how a CDP takes in data from multiple systems, stores it for as long you want, and uses that data to create complete customer profiles.

  • “Accessible to other systems.” The data a CDP collects can be shared with other systems, such as a CRM or a DMP.

Watch this short video as Makhdum explains what a CDP is:

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