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Using Gamification in Business for Customer Engagement

By Flavio Martins

Using Gamification in Business for Customer Engagement image customer engagement gamification

Gamification in business is a key strategy to improve your connection to your customers by rewarding them for performing actions desired by the business.

Customer engagement is a key element of both brand awareness and repeat business. Industry leaders have been aware of the fact that price alone will not necessarily achieve customer satisfaction for quite some time.

People tend to spend money when and where they feel good, which is where the use of gamification comes into play. Although the concept of gamification is not a new one, it has seen significant growth in recent years and the form it takes has evolved as well.

I asked the team at Telesight, to share some of their thoughts on gamification in business today and how it can be used to improve customer engagement and lead to a better overall customer experinece. Telesight is a leading provider of professional customer satisfaction measurement and solutions, offering cutting edge interactive voice response, web, and live agent solutions to provide invaluable insight and knowledge to businesses of all sizes.

Some studies have shown that gamification can lead to a 100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics including unique views, page views, community activities, and time on site (M2 Research).

What is Gamification?

The term gamification can be confused with the exclusive use of games, but the concept behind gamification for business is the incorporation of a game mechanic in customer interaction to reach a specific outcome. Although the process can mirror a game by providing feedback, and rewarding action, the end goal is associated with a business result.

Gamification is becoming a strategy for an increasing number of companies and applies game elements in the customer interaction process. Newer trends in gamification are using techniques involved in digital game design and applying them to social media or other web-based applications. This use of gaming software is used strategically to measure, drive and reward behaviors by customers.

Real life examples of gamification in business

  • Frequent Flyer Programs

This program, pioneered by United Airlines, is an earlier example of using gamification to connect with and motivate customers.