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Understand Your Purpose and Goals for Content Marketing

By Srijana Angdembey

On the Fly is our video series with small bites (two mins or less) of marketing and customer experience advice and training from experts given to you during the current disruption.

Content marketers, are you feeling like an “on-demand vending machine”? Are you struggling to keep up with all the asset demands from your team? You are not alone. Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at the Content Advisory, says the two most common types of questions he gets on digital content strategy are about scalability and measurement. Both challenges are related though, he insists. You need justification through measurement to show that you need more resources.

Robert says that success with content marketing comes down to a documented real strategy. It’s about understanding the reality of a content strategy against the goals and purposes of your team. You should aim for a balanced operating model for content. Watch full video to learn what he means and for tips on how to do that:

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