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Trends and Predictions On The Future of Content Marketing [Slides]

By Michael Brenner

What is the future of content marketing

This week I presented at the BtoB Magazine’s Digital Live conference in New York. The topic was the future of content marketing. And I walked the audience through the trends and some of my own predictions related to content marketing, marketing and even the future of business itself.

Some Content Marketing Trends:

  • Everyone uses content marketing but no one feels they are very good at it. The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released their latest trends that showed that more than 90% report to use content marketing and less than 50% feel they are very good at it (Click to Tweet)
  • Advertising is on the decline. Mass marketing and promotional advertising techniques just ain’t working and this causing marketers to consider content marketing over advertising. (Click to Tweet)
  • Still, 73% of consumers could care less if the brands they use disappeared tomorrow (Click to Tweet)

My Content Marketing Predictions

  • Customer-Centricity is the only way to break through the noise of boring and self-promoting content. We must begin to make our customers the heroes of our stories (Click to Tweet)
  • The move to customer-centricity will put tremendous strain on the promotional cultures and campaign mindsets at many large BtoBs (Click to Tweet)
  • The future of content is mobile, visual, consumable and snackable (Click to Tweet)
  • More brands will start acting like publishers and set up newsrooms. Brand journalism is here to stay. (Click to Tweet)
  • Brands will partner with publishers to deliver high-quality content in innovative new ways. (Click to Tweet)
  • Brands will begin to entertain their audiences by producing high quality entertainment and features (Click to Tweet)
  • A few brands will have the courage to show their human side and produce funny, humorous content (Click to Tweet)

So there you have it, some of my top trends and predictions. What do you think?

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