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Top Leaders Paulo and Amira Tuynman Join Melius

By Ted Nuyten

Paulo & Amira Tuynman are top tier international momentum creators and have now transitioned to Melius.

By profession Paulo was a Corporal 1st class meaning he had climbed the ladder and used to lead a group of soldiers in the Royal Dutch Army. He started in the military when he was 18 years old and served in the Army for 7 years.

The actual reason why Paulo joined the Army was because of his passion of helping people and after serving twice in Afghanistan he has been individually recognized for the impact he made thru his work during the mission.

He had an impact on many lives but this was still not fulfilling his inner desire, his vision was much bigger so he realized the army was not the place where he could make the difference that he truly wanted to.

In the search of a better way he came across network marketing. When he looked at this industry for the first time it made him realize that network marketing had everything he was searching for. Being able to help people, impact people and build a legacy.

With his Military mindset he started working and producing results from day one.

Through discipline, hard work and dedication in record breaking time Paulo became a Regional Vice President & Presidents club member in an American service provider also making him one of the top producers globally.

Rarely do we hear about a different kind of woman, silently behind the scenes, balancing family life and business to create something truly special where thousands of people can have the chance no matter what their situation is, to be great.

Amira Tuynman has been consistent and determined to make the most out of her life, in a family of 2 brothers she was the only and youngest sister. Growing up, she followed the norm and thought formal education will help her to accomplish her dreams until she found herself in the rat-race of working fulltime as a financial consultant at the Dutch government during the day and in parallel studying law at the university of Amsterdam in the evening.

I reminisce the times when I was doing 15 hours a shift, almost it became a norm, until I got introduced to network marketing where I truly realised my freedom and discovered my potential to become more, for that I am grateful to this industry.

Amira and Paulo met each other in 2013, they were both building the same opportunity in different teams. Their ambition, drive and work ethic attracted each other.

We were both striving to success, he was on the top of his game and I was making my way to the top.

Now as parents of two beautiful children, they did not always have the luxury of time freedom, money, the cars or the villa that most would equate with success. Matter of fact, imagine losing it all and not making excuses, playing the cards that life dealt right and getting it all back and more, a comeback story.

Relationships can really prove their bonds not in the up-times, but especially in the down-times. Exactly this is what Amira and Paulo needed to face as part of their beginning journey. They went broke, as the company took away everything. Through empowering each other and following their vision and belief they made their way to the top again and together became even stronger than before.

In their most recent venture Amira and Paulo worked together as young top tier international builders and created thousands of success stories in their team from all over the world making them a global top 3 income earner in the company in less than 12 months!

Given our experience, we have started from the bottom, through it there has been unprecedented challenges, we continued to push ourselves to excellence and so should anyone in this path of entrepreneurship but as you look back you get to appreciate all the past experience.”

Paulo and Amira Tuynman

“Right now our greatest achievement today is our family and the freedom to be with them all the time! We have now embarked in a new opportunity and met some inspiring and talented individuals outside this industry. We are ready to build it all over again, bigger and better.”

Amira & Paulo have primarily focused on innovative service- based companies within the industry. In so doing they came across a grand opportunity.

“We were looking for a new opportunity, when we came across MELiUS. We got to know the founders, products, mission and vision and saw the making of a legacy company. Is this a company where we can introduce people and look into their eyes and say you will win here with 100% conviction and contentment? And to our surprise, it was more than a YES from us! The company has more to offer to the people than we have imagined!”

Jeremy Prasetyo, CEO Melius

Jeremy Prasetyo, CEO of MELiUS stated:

“I have met Amira and Paulo during the early stages, when the idea of MELiUS was actually born. We had uplifting discussions and their story just proves that these two power-houses are professionals in this industry.

They are a true asset for the company and while they lead from the front and have my full support, we will build a new community together, where no one is left behind and with MELiUS Node, we give access to future technologies and their benefits.”

Finally, a direct selling company that is run by a community of professionals with equal interest in mind. MELiUS is powered by the people with equality and inclusion for all which is unique in this industry, as well as outside of network marketing industry, consequently attracting top leaders and even other fortune 500, to its services and products.

This company is not a trend follower it’s a trend creator. There is so much more we can share about MELiUS however soon you will hear about it; it’s already buzzing because they are in their softlaunch currently preparing their prelaunch!

About MELiUS

MELiUS is a next-generation ecosystem made up of the MELiUS Hub – a leading education platform – and MELiUS Marketing – a powerful marketing platform with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The MELiUS ecosystem uses blockchain technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for independent business owners to interact and pursue their personal goals.

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