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The Skinny on Making a Big, Fat Profit: Mobile Advertising

By Jessica Anderson

The Skinny on Making a Big, Fat Profit: Mobile Advertising image mobilemarketing

You’ve just sat down to watch TV, and instinctively you search your pockets for your cell phone or your surroundings for your tablet. Sound like a familiar scenario? While TV viewership is on the decline, video viewing on mobile devices is on the rise. According to a survey by YuMe, aside from eating, the biggest distraction from TV watching is web browsing. This means that a large chunk of consumers are just begging to be advertised to while they’re being advertised to! And if your business has been slow to jump on the mobile advertisement train, you’re potentially only grabbing up about half of the audience’s attention. Here are some stats that prove that mobile advertising is the way to go:

Where & How

When it comes to where mobile users watch video, 100% watch from the comfort of their own home. 66% watch mobile video while on vacation, 36% while at a friend’s place, 22% while commuting or at work and 13% while eating at a restaurant. Of these mobile viewers, 65% spend over an hour per day watching video. If you’re not good at math, that’s over 7 hours per week; and if you’re still trying to catch up, that’s almost one third of a whole day! Cue the “I can remember when we used to spend all our free time outside” and all that jazz – but the point is, you desperately need to make your advertising compatible with smartphones and tablets.


Those who are real get-up-and-go people have perfected doing their chores while watching TV. Survey says 97% of TV watchers are doing something else at the same time. However, with the vice-like grip it takes to keep your very fragile, very expensive tablet from shattering into a thousand pieces, there’s a lot more risk involved with multitasking – and that means a pretty captive audience. Only 85% of viewers say they multitask while watching video on their mobile device.

Solo Viewing

95% of consumers say they almost always watch TV with one or more of their buddies, while only 67% of mobile users share their limited screen space. That equals 28% less peer pressure and mobile consumers all over the world can buy your Microwave Cookbook for One without getting made fun of.


While only 45% of watchers say TV advertising is effective, 57% of tablet users admit that mobile advertisements are making them buy things. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that a person’s entire wallet can now be stored on their mobile device, or maybe it’s the ridiculous amount of effort that goes into reaching a new level on Candy Crush. Either way, mobile advertisements are working, and it’s about time you went out and got your business some of that.

Mobile devices are garnering an increasingly attentive and focused audience, and these viewers are more likely to remember the brands they’ve seen. The short of it is this: TV advertising, though still important and an integral part of American history, is becoming less and less effective. If you want your brand to survive through the next decade, you need to think about broadening the horizons of your advertising campaign. Spread those big, money-making arms out wide and embrace the generation that is begging to be advertised to. It’s only going to get better from here on out.