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The One, Only and Best Way To Overcome The Fear of Failure

By Blake Cavignac

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A formal education never hurts.

However it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t teach you the most critical skill when it comes to the development of your future – Sales and the ability to use your failures as a way to produce at high levels.

For those just getting into sales, the “professional life” might not be what you expected. You face rejection on a daily basis. It sucks, it hurts and it’s never easy.

You’re told by the veterans that it’s just “part of the process”. Yet you have no idea if you will ever get used to it.

If there’s one thing I’ve experienced most over the past couple years, it’s failure. So I’m right there with you.

The first thing I’ve learned is that failure NEVER gives you an excuse to ball up and play victim. Instead you must own up and take accountability. Then MOVE ON. You owe it to yourself and your company to do this.

The First Failure

I ended up quitting my first job in sales because I was told I wasn’t cut out for the business (and I believed it). Big mistake.

Since that time, I’ve learned that if you can make it in sales, you can make it in any business. You will never be dependent on someone else. The skill set you’ll develop as a young professional will create a solid foundation for whatever endeavors you choose to pursue in life.

Besides, “sales” is much more than a job. Sales is life. Your ability to sell, convince, persuade, influence… will be the determining factor of the life you create for yourself.

The Fearless

Have you ever admired someone because they seemed fearless?

These people seem to take every challenge head on, overcome the most overwhelming odds and look like they have complete confidence in themselves while doing it.

When studying these people, I’ve come to understand that they have fears just like everyone else. The only difference is that they use their fears as a sign to take on whatever it is that they’re scared of.

Use The Fear of Failure To Your Advantage

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Anytime you experience the fear of failing it means you’re pushing your limits, you’re breaking down barriers. When you break down a barrier the stronger you become. The stronger you become the bigger the barriers become. The bigger the barriers you overcome, the less fear affects you.

Once you stop experiencing the fear of failure, you’ve let complacency settle in. You start losing the drive and hunger that’s critical to your success in sales and life.

Through my experiences when fearing failure, I do my best to recognize that this fear is a perception.

Therefore it’s something we have complete control over. Why not treat this as a blessing instead of a curse? Why not use it as a way to stay hungry and drive production?

It’s critical to keep the fear of failure in perspective. Here are some of the principles I’ve learned that help me do this:

Those who make no mistakes will not make anything at all.

The shortest path to reach your goals is the one that requires you to fail early and often.

Sometimes your biggest success is just around the corner from your last failure.

Failure happens for a reason. It’s your job to find out what went wrong then use that information to your advantage in the future.

Whenever you fail, know that you are achieving more than most in the world who are not even trying.

Feeling like a failure oftentimes means that you’re moments away from your biggest success.

Courage is created by taking massive actions after each failure.

Just like a muscle, the more times you achieve failure then push past it, the stronger you get.

Those who have the courage to fail then get back up again are the admiration of many.

The Difference Maker

If you read this post and it motivates you to overcome the fear of failure then I haven’t done my job. Motivation is just an urge to do something. It does not make you act.

Discipline makes you act.

Therefore if you are committed to overcoming this fear, I ask the following from you:

Next time you fear failure make sure you are consciously aware the moment it hits you.

Then it’s real simple.

Recognize and acknowledge this fear. Then immediately take action. Blast through it. Don’t think, just do it.

You’ll be stoked you did..