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The Biggest Shifts in Email Marketing Trends for 2021 [Webinar]

By Chad S. White

The extraordinary events of 2020 heavily influenced email marketing investments and are shaping trends that will dominate 2021. We see these shifts in the results of our second annual Email Marketing Trends Survey. In it, we surveyed Oracle Marketing Consulting’s 500 digital marketing experts and asked them to rate 26 email marketing tactics and technologies in terms of their adoption and expected impact in 2021.

We’ve organized them into adoption-impact quadrants. Our consultants’ ratings placed:

  • 3 trends in our low adoption–low impact quadrant of Unproven Opportunities
  • 12 trends in our low adoption–high impact quadrant of Competitive Differentiators
  • 11 trends in our high adoption–high impact quadrant of Proven Essentials, and
  • None in our high adoption–low impact quadrant of Established Commodities.

While you can learn more about those trends via the links above, in our 26-minute on-demand webinar, “Email Marketing Trends for 2021,” we focus on how email marketers’ priorities have shifted in response to the pandemic. In addition to listing the quadrant groupings of all 26 email trends, we share:

  • The one trend that had the biggest decrease in adoption
  • The two trends that had the biggest decrease in impact
  • The three trends that had the biggest increases in adoption
  • The three trends that had the most significant increases in impact
  • The five trends that changed quadrants
  • The five trends that have the highest impact overall

There are clear patterns in these changes that paint a bigger picture of what marketers are focused on. We hope that this webinar and our other posts on Email Marketing Trends for 2021 help inform your priorities for this year.
Other on-demand webinars include:

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