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The 2019 Markie Awards Winners

By Michael McNichols

On March 20, 2019, the 13th Annual Markie Awards took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more than a decade, Markie Awards have celebrated the art and science of digital marketing for more than a decade. However, this year, the Markies evolved and broadened their scope to applaud brilliance beyond just marketing. Therefore, the 2019 Markies honored the creators of standout customer experiences across marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

The 2019 Markies included:

The Apex Award for Best Overall Customer Experience

Honoring companies that created a standout customer experience that turns customers into brand advocates.

The winner – Panasonic (Computer Products Europe)

The Borderless Award for Best International Marketing Campaign

Recognizing those who put together a national marketing campaign that eventually went international.

The winner – Movember Foundaton

The Cultivator Award for Best Lead Management Program

For marketers who crafted a lead management program with smart lead and account scoring that nurtures prospects, delivers dynamic results, and better aligns marketing and sales.

The winner – Samsung Business

The Heartstrings People’s Choice Award

Featuring project submission videos enhanced by unusual creativity, humor, or human-interest touches.

The winner – Health Resources in Action

The Nexus Award for Best CX Ecosystem

Recognizing those who masterfully built a connected CX ecosystem with CRM, third-party cloud apps, or API integration.

The winner- Indian Hotels Company Limited

The Insight Award for Best Use of Data

For those who use data as their superpower to target, personalize, or pivot, and have seen impressive ROI as a result.

The winner – Cisco

The Omni Award for Best Omnichannel Experience (Marketing, Service, & Sales)

Recognizing organizations that deliver the hyper-relevant, omni-channel experiences buyers demand.

The winner – Things Remembered

The Pinpoint Award for Best Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Honoring those who use account-based marketing and marketing automation for precision and hyper-personalization.

The winner – Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Thinker Awards for Best Innovation in CX

Recognizing those organizations that leverage technology and tools in a way that they have never done before.

The Thinker Award for Best Innovation in Sales

The winner – Aon

The Thinker Award for Best Innovation in Marketing

The winner – Snap Tech

The Thinker Award for Best in Innovation in Service

The winner – City of Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Upshot Awards

Recognizing the professionals who find opportunities where others see obstacles and capitalize on them without hesitation.

The Upshot Award for Best Demonstrated ROI in Marketing

The winner – Bonnier News

The Upshot Award for Best Demonstrated ROI in Service and Sales

The winner – Kenya Revenue Authority

The Convert Award for Best Commerce Experience

Recognizing the enlightened commerce team that uses inspirational experiences to convert transactional customers into brand-loyal enthusiasts.

The winner – Livelo

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated.

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