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Outdoor Digital Signage Must Withstand the Elements [Infographic]

By Brian Wallace

Outdoor Digital Signage Must Withstand the Elements [Infographic] image Outdoor Digital Signage infographic2

There are very compelling reasons to choose digital over static signage, including the potential to significantly increase monthly revenue and ad sales. If you do go with digital signage, however, understand that outdoor digital signs need to be able to withstand the elements. Solar loading caused by direct sunlight melting the crystal substrate of LCD displays is a danger when screens are exposed to direct sunlight. Slanting rays of the rising and setting sun will shine more directly on the face of the display and can be even more damaging than the midday sun.

To combat snow and sleet, outdoor displays have to be resistant to water seeping in and tough enough not to crack from ice possibly forming on the outside of the enclosure. To beat rain and humidity, outdoor displays need IP or NEMA rated enclosures. Whether it’s tornado season, hurricane season or blizzard season, outdoor displays should be rock steady to handle winds at least up to 100 mph. In dry climates, sand and dust particulates can pose a major threat to outdoor displays. During the spring, pollen can wreak havoc on the inner workings of outdoor displays.

There’s also the threat of vandalism and graffiti. The cover glass should be scratch-, shatter-, or bullet-proof to protect from vandals. The glass should also be treated to resist painting and be easily cleanable to thwart graffiti artists.

To learn more about how to beat the elements with outdoor digital signage, check out the infographic below.

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