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Optimize for Search and for Trust

By Srijana Angdembey

On the Fly is our ongoing video series with small bites (two mins or less) of marketing advice and training from marketing experts, delivered while they are on the road, at the airport, or traveling somewhere.

We are thrilled to have Lee Odden, CEO of Top Rank Marketing, as our expert On the Fly for this episode. In an age where customer trust is vital for brand survival, Lee reminds us that our content should be optimized for SEO and trust as well, because what good is findable content if people can’t trust it?

According to research from Demand Gen report, 95% of B2B buyers prefer credible content from industry influencers, but most influencer marketing programs don’t factor in SEO. This disconnect is an opportunity, says Lee Odden. He recommends that just as we use SEO to find the right keywords for better search performance and to also use those keywords to find the right kinds of influencers to collaborate with and create content so you’re optimizing for trust as well.

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