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Network Marketing vs Real Estate – Who Makes More Money? by Tim Sales

By Simon Chan

Should you do real estate or network marketing? Tim Sales spent almost a year gathering the numbers, and according to the data, one of these is FAR superior than the other.

Who is Tim Sales?

Tim Sales served in the US Navy Special Operations before he answered an ad and started his MLM business in 1989.

Since then, he has made millions in his career as a network marketer. He’s also contributed tremendously in helping network marketing get accepted as a profession with his generic prospecting and training tools.

In 2011, Tim became the master distributor for a network marketing company. He’s a 7 figure earner and has a global organization and last year his team did $600 million in annual sales.

This is Tim’s second time on the show. He first appeared on Episode 571.

Network Marketing vs Real Estate

Favorite Quote

“Time always tells the truth”

“This too shall pass.”

Must Read Book

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Recommended Online App

Countdown Timer

Recommended Prospecting Tool

Online Video

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