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Mr. Lister 100% Automated List Building

Mr Lister Builds Your List With A Powerful Set Of Tools

Mr. Lister by Glenn Manger is an automated autoresponder with pre-loaded messages designed to build a mailing list for you on autopilot. The system has been operating successfully for more than 14 years and has a loyal base of repeat customers.


Features of the automated list building software include:

  • Daily leads loaded into a message series that shows teasers of your personal offer.
  • Sends them 5 messages over 10 days to find out who is interested in what you are offering.
  • Sends you an instant email the moment your lead clicks on your link and goes to your site.
  • Automatically puts interested prospects into a 15 message series that goes out over 30 days.
  • You can edit or add messages in any way but the pre-loaded messages work amazingly well.
  • You can send unlimited broadcasts to your leads directly from the web based control panel.
  • Total CMS including full contact details of every lead and the ability to add notes.
  • Mr Lister is already sending email for you by the time you get your login details.

Automated list building software

Mr. Lister Automated List Building FAQ’s

Q. How do I know that with your $39 package that I will receive 300 leads daily? I’ve looked for other reviews of your services, but nothing/ or little comes up. A 10 day money back guarantee is not very long to determine if your service works or not. I guess I would like clarification on these issues.

A. You won’t get 300 leads loaded daily. You will get more. We like to ensure that people get off to a great start so we always load more. We’ve been doing this for 14 years and have only just branded it and offered it in mass. This is a great list builder and as you become more familiar with it you will realize that it is much more than what is shown on the sales video.

Q. Can the list & the Mr Lister autoresponder be used to send two or more offers simultaneously or is there a time frame between offers? Or to send another offer does a separate purchase of Mr Lister need to be made?

A. You can add up to 4 URL’s for the initial series. Once they’ve clicked on one of your links they are automatically placed into your personal list and your personal series. You can broadcast as many offers as you want and put as many messages to go out as you want. So to answer your question, yes, you can have multiple offers.

Q. Without creating multiple web sites with my own offers, can I just use this system to promote affiliate sites like the one I found you on? I have multiple affiliate offers with their own landing pages. Will this work with your system? If so, could I just add another affiliate program as often as I wanted to?

A. This system builds your own personal list that you can send whatever you like. You will need one main site for the first email series which is designed to have people opt in to your personal list. Once they are on your list you can add messages to any program or as many programs as you like. In your case you can have an autoresponder series that sends out offers to each of your products.

Q. Is your monthly cost a long term contract or can I stop if this does not work when ever I want?

A. There is no contract. You can stop at any time but I’ll tell you this, the longer you are with the system, the faster your list will grow and we have not had a single cancellation in over 2 years.

Q. Where do these list or people or emails originate from? Can I limit my offers to just one city, or one state or one country? Can I limit my offers to just businesses? How about a specific type business; ie. chiropractors in the USA?

A. No, the system gets general opt in leads and we then show them your offer to get them to opt in to your specific list. We do sell targeted leads if you need but the system gets nation wide leads. We can arrange to have targeted leads uploaded to your system but it will be much more expensive.

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