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Modular Email Architecture: The Next-Generation Template

By Chad S. White

Classic email templates are becoming obsolete. They are difficult to maintain, don’t offer enough flexibility, make personalization cumbersome, and take too much time to turn into a final email campaign that’s ready to send. Because of all of those weaknesses, more companies are migrating to modular email architectures and reaping significant improvements.

In this 49-minute on-demand webinar, Jason Witt and Nick Cantu from Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Creative Services team will join me to discuss:

  • How modular email architecture differs from traditional email templates

  • The benefits of having a modular email architecture

  • The popularity and adoption rate of this way of creating emails

  • What’s involved in building a modular email architecture

  • How Oracle Marketing Consulting and our clients use modular email architecture

To get a clear understanding of how modular email architecture can speed up your email production, increase your use of personalization, improve your testing, and more, watch the free on-demand webinar below:

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Need help with your email design and coding? Oracle Marketing Consulting has more than 500 of the leading marketing minds ready to help you to achieve more with the leading marketing cloud, including Creative Services and Coding Services teams that can help you create a modular email architecture to build better emails faster.

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