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Marketing the Extra Way!

By Brent Pohlman

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This week I was reminded of how critical it is to really listen and pickup on clues in conversations. I was talking with some representatives from a particular company. We were having a nice conversation about the state of our companies and the current economic challenges. Several times during our conversation, I purposely asked for clarification on different projects, technologies and other innovations that this company was talking about. I wanted to learn more and see if I could I could gain a better understanding. I was showing a high eagerness of wanting to know more. My goal….

I was looking for an invitation or offer to visit this company’s site. I did not come out and actually ask for this, I wanted to gauge how important this company really viewed me. Was I an important client for them, or was I just like everyone else? I wanted to be a part of a bigger experience, but I was not given the opportunity.

In the end, I received a business card and was told that I was a valued client.

This particular experience really opened my eyes. How often do I extend an offer to connect with my clients at a higher level. It could be as simple as giving the client a logo item or offering to send them a booklet or special gift. People always want to feel that being a client really matters to the company.

Now, I am not saying you should take this action with every client, but those clients that we come face-to-face with we should take steps to do the little extras to show that we care about them. In this day and age where the talk is TSA, security checks and limited access, more companies should take steps to open their doors and show clients a slice of their business, especially the really cool things happening around their company.

People always like to be associated with a company that is growing and building new experiences. When was the last time you offered to share your company experience with a client or vendor? Giving people a glimpse of your business shows people you care about them and you want them to know more about your company.

Everyone hands out their business card these days
What about inviting people to share in an experience

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