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Mad Marketing #20: Content Marketing Roadmaps, Bad Websites, and More

By Marcus Sheridan

Mad Marketing Podcast

Well folks, it’s that time again for the Mad Marketing Podcast. If you’re looking to make your drive to work a lot quicker this week, I promise this episode will be fast, furious, and as always–FUN. I recorded this baby around 1am in the morning, so the goofiness can be attributed accordingly

But in all seriousness, if you’re looking for content marketing advice or just want to get inspired, give it a listen and if you’re able, please review on iTunes. (or find it on Stitcher here)

Thanks and have a great week everyone!!!

Your Questions (Answered in this Episode)

Hi Marcus

Great presentation today. Thank you.

My biggest struggle with Content Marketing (don’t know what “Inbound Marketing” is – can you explain?) is TIME! So much to do at work that doesn’t involve publishing, plus the learning curve is significant (especially since listening to #SSMS13)! I feel like I have to take a week (or maybe a month) off after the Summit to actually put what I’ve tried to learn into practice. I know, “Patience Grasshopper”.

Again, thanks for the great info. Look forward to reading your eBook too.




Hi Marcus,

I just discovered you via the writtent website and promptly visited your site and subscribed. I love that you did this for your own business and have results to prove its efficacy!

My main fears are:

A blog that no one reads

This is all so complex I need to study this for months to start!

Any Advice?

I’ve recently discovered the term content marketing and have been reading up vocariously. I subscribe to a number of content marketing blogs and writers…Its interesting that you’re the first person who’s said:

Ask me if you have a question.

So Thank you.




My biggest struggles are: 1) a lack of comprehensive step-by-step roadmap/outline, as seeing the specifics of how I get there will diminish the uncertainty and apprehension surrounding embarking on the journey and, 2) the fear that somewhere along the line (as with so many other worthwhile intentions), I will fall off the wagon for what really needs to be a permanent “from now on…” change in my daily/weekly task behavior.




Hi Marcus,

I attended one of your talks last March.

We have a website now, but it sucks to be frank.

I would like to start making a difference getting noticed on the web. We do not have a big budget.

So, who or how do I get to making our site great and begin do the Inbound you speak of.

I am terrible at writing and design, my brain is technical, not creative communications.

Help, Help, Help



Hi Marcus,

I actually have a client that has a very unique business service offering, they’ve struggled with SEO and Content management. The biggest struggle I’ve had is 1. Getting them to create the content & 2. Convincing them that this form of marketing is valuable (as they don’t think their audience will be Googling for this type of service.)

After watching your Webinar from on Spin Sucks, I thought your tools (particularly you’re e-book) would give me the correct ammunition to convince the clients on this strategy.

So thanks in advance! By the way I’m a huge fan of your strategies.

Thanks again,




I attended the webinar Monday and it was very good. Our engineering company provides professional services so I was trying to understand what I could put on our website and LinkedIn page to help attract more potential customers? I know you mentioned pricing regarding your pool company but in my mind, not sure we could put pricing on engineering services because there are so many variables when designing a project.


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