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If a Picture Says 1000 Words, Then Video Is… Priceless

By Neil Patel

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Why do you use pictures on your website? Because they can help illustrate the message you are trying to get across, right? Although that is true, have you thought about using video instead?

Not only do videos provide a 74% increase in your visitors’ understanding of your product or service compared to pictures, but they also increase the likelihood of your visitors purchasing your product or service by 64%.

We experienced a similar effect when we created an explainer video for Crazy Egg and saw a $21,000.00-a-month increase in revenue.

If that doesn’t convince you to start using videos on your website, hopefully the infographic below will.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

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Hopefully, the infographic above convinces you to start leveraging video. When I started leveraging videos a month ago through Quick Sprout University, I didn’t know what results to expect.

But since the launch of it, I have gotten more appreciation – from you and other Quick Sprout readers – than I’ve ever had. The praise has been so good that I am spending another $50,000 on Quick Sprout University over the next few months to release even more educational videos.

Give it a try…What do you have to lose by trying videos on your site? YouTube is the second most popular search engine. So, in the worst-case scenario, you will end up getting more traffic.

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If a Picture Says 1000 Words Then Video Is… PricelessCourtesy of: Quick Sprout