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How to Create a System and Team Culture that Creates Duplication by Lisa Grossmann

By Simon Chan

Tips and Strategies that Create Duplication.

Lisa Grossmann and Simon Chan talk about how to create long term success and residual income in MLM. Goes into detail about working with the top 5%, building your tribe, how to create a better customer experience for your customers and much more.

Who is Lisa Grossmann?

Lisa Grossmann is a network marketing legend who’s earned over 8 figures in lifetime commissions and first appeared on MLM Nation on episode 9.

She has over 31 years of MLM experience and has been a consultant and also a 7 figure earner many times in her career.

She’s currently the top earner in her company after building a team of over 200,000 customers and promoters in 2 1/2 years. She’s most proud that the majority of her team are all loyal product customers.

Lisa is internationally known in netowrk marketing as a thought leader and even today she is constantly sought out by leaders and corporate executives from different companies for consulting, coaching, insights and guidance.

Favorite Quote

“People often forget what you said but they’ll always remember how you made you feel”

Must Read Book

Go Pro by Eric Worre

Vibrational Money Immersion by Ray Higdon

Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

Recommended Online App

Google Docs


Recommended Prospecting Tool

Online Video

Contact Info

Lauren Simms on Facebook and Instagram

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