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How to Bounce Back When Things Don’t Go Well by Jackie Birchfield

By Simon Chan

Jackie Birchfield talks about how to bounce back when things don’t go well and how she overcame her shyness to become a top MLM leader.

She also talks about how to create and maintain momentum.

Who is Jackie Birchfield?

Jackie Birchfield had all types of jobs ranging from being a cashier, caregiver, bus driver to phlebotomist.

She encountered network marketing in 2014 and after 3 years of hard work, she was able to walk away from her corporate job.

Today she’s a 6 figure earner and is one of the youngest leaders in her company. She’s a mom of 2 boys and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Jackie Birchfield’s Favorite Quote

“Patience… Grasshopper!”

Must Read Books

Ted Talks

5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Recommended Online App


Recommended Prospecting Tool

Product Samples, Zoom, Core Values of Company

Contact Info

Jackie Birchfield on Facebook and Instagram

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