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Google+ Adds New Photo & Video Editing Features

By Tatiana Aders

Google+ announced a new set of photo features at an event yesterday morning in San Francisco that contain new functionality that compete directly with many Apple products such as iPhoto and iMovie. These new features are in addition to the photo center redesign from the I/O event in May of this year.

Smarter Photo Search

Google has extended the “deep learning” photo search algorithm into Google+ photo search, which is expected to improve the search feature across not only your photos, but also photos of friends within your circles.

Better Photo Editing

Google+ received a ton of new editing features that raise to the level offered by Apple’s iPhoto product such as auto-enhance and other quick-edit functions. Other features, such as Auto Awesome are unique to the Google+ platform. Auto Awesome allows users to create animated GIFs and an all-in-one sequence photo from a series of images.

New Video Editing

Google+ has extended web-based video editing to the already popular photo editing app in a new version called Auto Awesome Movie. Like many of the most frequently used iMovie controls, Auto Awesome Movie can put together video sequences, add a soundtrack and even offers a variety of styles and filters.

Here’s an example of what Auto Awesome Movie can do:

With over 350 million active users and 500 million total users, Google Plus has quietly moved to the #2 social network worldwide. This audience will keep growing as the search giant continues to add new features like Auto Awesome Movie that enhance user generated content. Sign into Google+ today and test drive these new multimedia editing tools!

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