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eharmony Uses AI to Help Their Users Find Love

By Shawn Myers

eharmony thrives by using algorithms and mathematical models to find the best match for their customers. Using big data and patented artificial intelligence, eharmony has found ways to predict how likely two people are to be compatible. The model is built upon an in-depth relationship questionnaire which gathers information on a person’s likes, dislikes and their personality traits to understand who they are, and how they rank on key dimensions of compatibility. This gives eharmony the best chance to find someone who is a good match for a serious relationship. Yet all of this modeling and math is useless if they cannot build an ongoing engagement with their customers.

To make meaningful relationship connections, you need to know a lot about the people you’re trying to connect. The same applies for knowing how to keep customers coming back. Oracle helps eharmony find its customers meaningful relationships by enabling better targeting, segmentation, and a more personalized and relevant experience across various touchpoints.

Email is a main channel of communication for eharmony customers. eharmony has built out an advanced email-marketing program to engage them with relevant content at all points in the customer lifecycle. These communications are designed to maximize the chances of connecting customers to one another by using their activity on the website and their communications with other members. The data informs eharmony all about the customer’s context, allowing them to achieve higher levels of engagement and keep customers coming back.

Timing Cupid’s Arrow

eharmony improves a customer’s experience by optimizing the best time to send an email to each individual. Using AI to model when each customer is most likely to engage with their messaging, eharmony can build predictions for when to send the next message and when an individual is most likely to open and engage. This resulted in an 11% increase in email engagement and an 18% increase in revenue.

The math of matchmaking has led to eharmony’s position as the #1 trusted dating site for relationship-minded singles. Dating is one of the most personal things we do as humans. Using artificial intelligence to create more personalized matches for their customers was a natural step for eharmony to ensure their customers keep returning to the service and help find those impeccable matches, or, that perfect match. In partnering with Oracle for building advanced email campaigns, eharmony can give their customers the best message, delivered at the best time, and make a perfect match for each person.

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