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Contact Mapping and Relationship Building Secrets Everyone Must Know by Tom Chenault

By Simon Chan

Tom Chenault and Adrian Chenault talk about contact mapping and relationship building secrets that every network marketing must know if they want to build a successful MLM business. They also talk about the wrong way to recruit people and how to raise entrepreneurial kids and ways to followup with prospects.

Who is Tom Chenault and Adrian Chenault?

Tom and his wife, Denice Chenault, are recognized among the top trainers and leaders in the network marketing profession and were recently inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. Tom also is the leading voice of the Home Based Business Industry and hosts a nationwide weekly radio show.

They’ve made millions of lifetime commissions and Tom was featured on MLM Nation episode 200.

Recently, Tom took the fundamental principles of MLM that helped him become successful and along with his son, Adrian, created an App called Contact Mapping that makes it easy for people to achieve greater success and connection in their lives.

What is Contact Mapping?

Contact Mapping is a simple prospecting tool that allows you to keep track of your prospects and is based on The Coffee Shop Interview. It is simple to use and will save you tons of time and make you more efficient with your prospecting.

Favorite Quote

“Love like crazy… and then love even more!”

“If you help enough people get what they want in life, you’ll get everything you want in life.”

Must Read Book

Power of Who by Bob Beaudine

Go Pro by Eric Worre

4 Year Career by Richard Brooke

Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

Reboot by Jerry Colonna

The Coffee Shop Interview

Recommended Prospecting Tool

Short Online Video

Recommended Online App

Contact Mapping

Contact Info

Tom Chenault on Facebook

Adrian Chenault on Facebook and Instagram

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