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Beyond Google: Other Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

By Dana Prince

We love Google, we really do! But Google is a bit persnickety. One day they’ve got us on page 1 of the search engine results pages for great highly searched phrases and then, seemingly out of the blue, we’re nowhere to be found.

Google will continually tweak its algorithms and refine its rules to try to stop people from gaining a firm foothold at the top of their organic results. Yes, you may deserve to be there but no, you won’t always be able to count on that traffic. If you diversify your online marketing strategy on an ongoing basis you will be in the best position to continually drive targeted traffic to your site.

Read on for some ideas:

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool. It’s a great method of attracting attention, building relationships, and generating word of mouth referrals. A diverse strategy on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many others can help you drive traffic to your website and to other online content that could lead to a sale (either immediately or over time because you use social media as a springboard to relationship building).

Beyond participating on social media networks and managing your own online communities you may want to consider paid advertising. Facebook advertising or StumbleUpon paid discovery advertising, for instance, could be highly effective. StumbleUpon offers inexpensive program that has the potential to get seen by a lot of their members and Facebook ads can be done on a managed budget with the ability to do laser targeting for desired audience within the 1 billion + members.

Other Contextual Ad Networks

There are many networks and programs that can help you get traffic. You could pay a cost per 1000 page impressions, for instance, and / or work with a company to help you create highly effective online ads.

Syndicated Content

Content such as press releases, informative articles, infographics, and online videos could get syndicated far and wide across the web. A good piece of content could go viral and drive traffic from highly visited websites.

Guest Blogging

A guest blogging strategy can also work to help drive traffic to your website. Your efforts in creating a unique and useful piece of content for another blog’s audience could bring traffic to your site as well as to your social media profiles and this approach could also help you build your reputation in your industry.

Affiliate CPA Ads

A B2C or B2B affiliate program could help you get others promoting your business online and this could be a highly effective way to generate leads and /or to get sales. The right program could work exceptionally well, particularly when you consider the fact that your affiliates pay the advertising costs and put efforts into SEO and only get paid for actual results.

Beyond continually trying to engage people on the search engines, you can work on other strategies to grow your business, too. There’s also email marketing, webinars, and other methods of attracting new customers and in taking the prospects you find online and continually engaging them.

You shouldn’t abandon your efforts to get traffic via Google because the big ‘G’ continues to be (for now) considered as a highly effective vehicle for getting attention online but you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the Google basket, either. A diverse strategy will help you generate a good amount of traffic from many sources and will help you avoid major drops in traffic levels when there is a Google algorithm change. People don’t just make their buying decisions based on a company being listed as #1 on the search engine results pages and if you continually diversify and fine-tune your online marketing strategy you’ll be in a good position to continually grow.