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Best Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Deals for the Holidays

By Matt Ong

Best Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Deals for the Holidays image surfacepro2

Having trouble deciding between getting a tablet and a laptop? Take a look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, a hybrid device that features a touch screen as well as detachable keyboard, so it can function as either a laptop or a tablet. The Surface Pro 2 is available at big box retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, where the list price of a model with 64-gig memory is $899, and the price goes up as the memory increases – luckily, when it comes to the best Surface Pro 2 holiday deals, you’ve got options. If you buy it online, there are ways to hack the price, for instance by stacking different offers together and going through a shopping rewards mall. With just a little effort, you can gift one of the year’s most popular gadgets without breaking the bank.

What makes the Surface Pro 2 such a hot gift item? Shoppers are no doubt impressed by its outstanding range and quality of accessories, including a pressure-sensitive stylus, which is handy for making notes or drawing onscreen. The keyboard can either be an actual typing keyboard or a touch keyboard. Factor in a USB port and a mini-SD card reader, and it could easily function as an office on the go. Accessories (not included) abound. It’s heavier (2 pounds) and pricier than most tablets but lighter and cheaper than a laptop. Plus, it has the ability to run complex software like Microsoft Office.

If you’re looking for a tablet that runs Windows and Microsoft Office – meaning you can actually do “work” work on it – the Surface Pro 2 is can be a great option. But do you really want to pay full price for this gift if you don’t have to? We didn’t think so. Check out a few of the simplest, most effective ways we’ve found to save.

Ways to save

If you are a student, faculty or staff member at a school, you can register at, to receive 10% off on Surface Pro 2. That’s pretty good savings ($89.90), but you can take it one step further by going through the cash back website to get to, which will earn you another 5% cash back.

Or, if you have a Discover card, go through the online mall to get 5% cash back at, and then register as a student to get 10% off the purchase price.

Either of these deals gets your final price down to $768.64.

If you have a Best Buy credit card, you can stack two 5% reward deals by going to through You will get 5% cash back for using, and another 5% in rewards for using your Best Buy card. Your final price will be $812.24

Or, if that sounds a bit too complicated, you can simply sign up for, and then go to, and you’ll earn 5% cash back.

Whether the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 will be a worthwhile investment depends on what features you’re looking for, but there’s no question as to why it’s such a popular product. If you or someone on your holiday shopping list wants functionality, flexibility and the ability to work anywhere, this just might be the perfect gift.

Surface Pro 2 image via Flickr.