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567: JC Rangel on How to Develop the Bulletproof Mindset To Be Successful in Network Marketing

By Simon Chan

JC Rangel talks about how to be mentally tough to make it in network marketing. He shares his wins, his toughest moments and what you can do to develop the Bulletproof Mindset.

Who is JC Rangel?

JC Rangel was born in Mexico and immigrated to the US at the age 6 years old with a burning desire to create opportunity for himself and become successful. He realized early on that network marketing was the best vehicle for him to achieve his American Dream.

By the age of 27, JC was able to reach one of his biggest goals which was to retire his mom. And by the age of 30, JC made his first million in commissions.

Today, he’s one of the biggest bilingual network marketers trains around the world. One of his most popular trainings is his “Bulletproof Mindset.”

Favorite Quote

“Success is not success without success stories.”

Must Read Book

Building An Empire by Brian Carruthers

Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

Six Months to Six Figures by Peter Voogd

Recommended Online App


Recommended Prospecting Tool

Making My First Ten Million By Brian Carruthers

Contact Info

@MrBulletproofMindset on Instagram

JC Rangel on Facebook

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