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553: Network Marketing Security Secrets by Darin Kidd

By Simon Chan

“Most people think that breakthroughs happen when everything is awesome. When in reality, breakthroughs happen when you are about to break down. “

Darin Kidd has over 28 years of MLM experience and earned millions of dollars in the network marketing profession.

He has personally recruited over 1,000 people and has built teams of hundred of thousands of distributors.

Darin has also been included in many publications from… being featured on Success from Home 6 times to the book “4 Year Career” by Richard Bliss Brooke.

This is the second time Darin has been featured on MLM Nation. He first appeared in the first session on episode 99.

Who Is Darin Kidd?

In Network Marketing, it takes 90 day to figure out what you are doing, a year to get the basics and another year to get good at the basics.

Don’t just go through challenges, grow through them. We get paid based on the size of the problem we can solve.

Success people are no very far ahead of unsuccessful people on the things they do daily, only 1% compounded over time which makes all the difference.

They don’t always feel like staying to their commitments, but they do it anyway and always show up.

One of the common mistakes distributors do about recruiting is that they see it as an event. Recruiting is a process about trying to help someone and you build a relationship.

The Secret to recruiting is simple and it is three things:

  • More exposure; say less to more people
  • Follow up; have the right posture for follow up
  • You work with the willing; match people’s energy for energy
  • The most important skills are being consistent, and persistent and keeping a good attitude. If you are missing one of those you will have a hard time.

    One Habit

    Not checking my email or social media first thing in the morning

    Best Advice

    Be intentional about your associations

    Recommended Books

    The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

    Own The Day by Aubrey Marcus

    Atomic Habits by James Clear

    Recommended Prospecting Tools

    Facebook Group, Zoom, Company Video

    Recommended App

    Podcast App


    Facebook Messenger


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