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549: How To Close Like a Pro to Build Multiple Six Figure Business by Colten Echave

By Simon Chan

“At any moment sacrifice what you are for what you will become.”

One reason why people will buy “ now” is the product and the biggest mistake distributors make is they try to sell their products with their mouth. Instead, people will buy the product when you sell the story or the idea of making an income with it.

Second is “you”. If people aren’t buying the products, it is because they do not trust you. And the reason usually is because they have been burnt in the past. You have to learn how to sell.

Who Is Colten Echave?

Colten Echave is a former professional beach volleyball player who played for the USA Team and then in 2012, he somehow got in network marketing.

He and his wife are multiple 6 figure earners who live out in Corona Del Mar, California.

In this show, we’ll talk about how to close prospects, promote events and create duplication in your organization.

One Habit

Implement what has been taught to me

Best Advice

Seeing successful people and the amount of work that they did. Seeing and understanding the amount of numbers you have to go through to get production.

Find somebody you can learn from and ask them questions

Recommended Books

Garden City by John Mark Comer

Recommended Prospecting Tools

A long video

Recommended App

News Feed Eradicator For Facebook – Google Chrome Extension

Screen Timer Setting on iPhone

Battery Cases For Your Phone





What Did You Learn?

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