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538: Founder Friday “5 Deadly Prospecting Mistakes”- Part 1

By Simon Chan

Deadly Prospecting Mistake #1

The most common prospecting a lot of distributors make is trying to convince everyone and have a goal to get everyone to join.

The goal of your contact list is not to have everyone to join; it is simply to let them know you have a business.

If you opened a sushi restaurant, you would want to let all your friends and family know… but not to convince them to come and eat. It’s the same thing with your network marketing business.

The reason you have fear of prospecting is because you are emotionally tied to the result.

When you don’t care about the result, you are not as nervous and will not have fear of prospecting anymore.

Deadly Prospecting Mistake #2

You only reach out to people you know well…. your close friends and family.

Unfortunately, your close friends and family are the most negative about your business.

When you think about it, your most key relationships in your life are not someone you knew well. It’s acquaintances.

Your key leader who will grow your business is also not someone you know well yet.


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