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5 Ways to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

By Alek Flekel

Affiliate Marketing is clearly a major factor in any e-commerce marketing strategy, which is why doing it successfully can be a very smart monetary decision.

It is common knowledge in the online marketing industry that affiliates are the best at reaching prospective customers, generating traffic to your website, and generating conversions.

Having a well thought out plan when embarking on an affiliate marketing campaign is setting you up for success. These ways to succeed in Affiliate Marketing will help not only make you a better marketer but will probably lead to increased traffic and sales.

Choosing the Right Niche

Selecting the right niche is often one of the most difficult tasks affiliates go through. You should choose a niche that you either have experience in or enjoy working on. A niche choice can either make or break you. Some niches are more saturated than others, while others have more earnings potential.

Researching the different possibilities will help you decide which way to go. Pick something that interests you, a hobby or a passion would be the optimal choice.

Follow Google’s Guidelines

To get results we have to go by the Google handbook, whether we like it or not. Attempts to cheat or trick Google often result in penalties while proper use can result in rewards.

Since Google’s search engine is one of the largest referral sites on the internet, it would be wise that you do everything in your power to make them happy. Though it will be tempting sometimes to use black hat SEO, remember the possible complications.

Monetize for Mobile

The mobile industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital marketing. Affiliates need to address this by monetizing mobile traffic. Options include mobile friendly websites, mobile apps, or mobile sites.

Remember email is one of the best ways to sources of mobile traffic because a majority is opened via mobile devices. Also take into account the amount of internet use on mobile devices as compared to other devices. With increasing mobile usage, comes increasing mobile commerce.

Dedication to Generating Fresh Content

Content is a crucial driver of traffic to any website that is why each piece of content needs to provide the viewer some sort of value. It is the affiliate’s job to produce valuable content to attract viewers.

Not only users like good quality content, search engine algorithms do too. They want to give the viewer the best value with every search. Make sure your content is focused on value rather than keywords.


Social Media has made it easier than ever for brands to communicate with their customers. Engagement with the consumers can really establish credibility and increase exposure.

With the ease of sharing content through social networks, constantly engaging and building a following will help develop your brand. Engagement can come in the form of a thought provoking question or a video post. Utilize social media; engage with people as much as possible they will reward you in the long run.