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5 Ways to Plan and Make Your Next Rank Advancement Happen by Simon Chan

By Simon Chan

In this special episode Simon Chan shares 5 ways to plan and make your next rank advancement happen in your network marketing MLM business.

Talks about 3 important parts:

  • Personal Recruiting
  • How to prevent people from quitting
  • Incentives and contests you can use to motivate your team
  • Who is Simon Chan?

    Simon Chan is a business coach and speaker who helps network marketers earn a part time income of at least $1,000 a month by helping them defeat overwhelm, create consistency and get results online.

    Simon started in network marketing in 2003 and built a million dollar business with over 200,000 distributors by pioneering Online Duplication. He retired from building in 2013 to be a full time trainer and founded MLM Nation. Here is his complete bio

    Summary of Rank Advancements

    You should do it for your team

    You must personally recruit

    Best way to followup with old contacts or old prospects

    3 Things you must do to prevent your team from quitting and getting smaller during your rank advancement run

    Why you should not promote 90 day challenges

    Why destroys the belief of your downlines

    How to run good campaigns and contests

    Recommended Resources

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    Contact Mapping Tool to track your prospects (followups)

    Use Simon’s 5 Step Plan to get your next customer or rep in less than 28 days

    Never get stuck again. Get your questions answered 24/7

    Contact Info

    Simon Chan on Facebook and Instagram

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