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230: The Musical Episode

By Scott Stratten

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In this episode we’re talking all things music, or at least some things, music. What’s going on with Tidal’s streaming numbers; Facebook and Cambridge Ana… nevermind; Spotify’s Hateful Conduct Policy; and a Billboard shakedown. All that and so much more!

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Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Intro
  • [00:00:28.03]Newsman Tap
  • [00:02:14.01]Tidal Numbers
  • [00:08:08.06]Cambridge Analytica… Wait… That’s Not Music
  • [00:09:15.25]Spotify’s Hateful Conduct
  • [00:16:31.29]Do The Billboard Shakedown
  • [00:22:56.19]Made-Up Word: UnMarketing and UnPodcast… totally fake.

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Mentioned In This Episode

  • Did Tidal Falsify Streams To Bulk Up Kanye West and Beyonce Numbers
  • The Backlash That Never Happened: New Data Shows People Actually Increased Their Facebook Usage After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal
  • Spotify’s ‘Hateful Conduct’ Policy Drags The Music Industry Into The #MeToo Moment
  • Why Billboard’s New Chart Changes Will Please Some – but Aggravate Others