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188: 2 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Prospects And Cement A Deep Connection by Frazer Brookes

By Simon Chan

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It’s not about promoting your product or opportunity. It’s about relationship marketing. Frazer Brookes shows us how to turn strangers into friends, and friends into family. Also how I got over my 3 BIGGEST phobias before they became bigger hurdles

Who is Frazer Brookes?

For those who hate school there is hope…

Frazer Brookes got kicked out of high school after his first year because he was too busy having fun and had only an 8% attendance rate.

After he got expelled, he “panic found” another high school… basically any school that would take him and ended up studying construction management. He then went to University … and then 6 days before his final exam… guess what?… his father, none other than the MLM legend, Simon Brookes, introduced him to a MLM business.

Frazer was super skeptical and thought he was too young but he decided to join anyway just to make a few bucks and also to make his dad happy.

Since that big decision, Frazer has graduated and become a full time networker. He’s made a multiple six figure income and traveled to over 20 countries to build his global empire.

Favorite Quote

“Strive not to be a success but rather of value to other people”

Must Read Book

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

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