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10 Gifts for Smart Phone Addicts

By Dolly Perse

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The holiday season is fast upon us, and with that comes the panic, the panic of finding the perfect gift. Finding that thoughtful, emotion inducing gift is hard enough and now smartphones are making that even harder. What do you get that person who has an “app” for everything? This list of unique gifts that can be coupled with a smart phone might be your ticket to a happy holiday for all.

1. Touch Screen Gloves ($19-$30): The number one spot on this list has to go to the touch screen glove. It is a simple, inexpensive gift that any smart phone user will definitely appreciate! You can find these bad boys everywhere but through Glovely I not only found cute touch screen gloves, they also appear to be warm!

2. Door Bot ($200): Do you have a recluse in your family? Perhaps someone who loathes answering the door? The doorbell for smartphones might be the perfect gift for them! When the WIFI video doorbell is activated, your visitor will appear on your smartphone giving you the opportunity to see and talk to them before making the decision to actually go answer the door or not.

3. Augmented Reality Tee ($15-$20): These super cool shirts are guaranteed to add some fun to the holidays. With a downloaded augmented reality app, you can point your smartphone or tablet at the shirt and it will come to life! Check out these cool shirts at Visualitee.

4. Customized Smart Phone Case ($30-$40): There is nothing more thoughtful than a personalized gift. The popular image site, Shutterfly, allows you to upload your photos, arrange them on the case template, and then the case is created and shipped to you. What a great gift!

5. Deeper Fishfinder ($200): For your tech savy fisher, this device attaches to your smart phone and will actually detect fish using sonar beneath your fishing vessel.

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6. Bluetooth Gloves ($66): Another very cool and cozy gift is the Bluetooth glove. These gloves still maintain the touch screen friendly feature with the added ability to answer and make phone calls. The gloves wirelessly sync to your smartphone allowing you to revert to your childhood days of using your thumb and pinky to make important phone calls.

7. Photo Lens for Smartphone ($25-$150): For your photography enthusiast (I am not talking about selfies), this could be a clever and surprising gift. There is a wide range of price and quality for these lenses depending how serious your gift receiver takes their photography. Through Amazon I found a wide selection to comb through – many even come with a small tripod!

8. Sleep Assisting Music Headband ($50): A lot of people need to fall asleep with some sort of background noise, often choosing ear buds. Ear buds can be very uncomfortable and are generally not good for your ears. The sleep assisting music headband does not use ear buds, rather, the stretchy headband has flat speakers tucked into the lining providing soft background noise. The fabric also helps to block our other noise (like a snoring spouse) – this gift could save a marriage.

9. Bluetooth Keyfinder ($25-60): We all know people (chances are it might be yourself) that always seem to lose their keys and are often searching frantically for them before work or an important engagement. Solve that problem with a Bluetooth key finder.

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10. PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator ($150): Shopping for an adventurous, outdoor lover who also loves to be connected via social media? No problem. Through Thinkgeek I found this generator – you just fill the pot with water, place over heat source, plug in devices, and they will charge just as quickly as if they were plugged into a wall! Charge your phone or USB device virtually anywhere!

I hope this list has been helpful with your holiday shopping. Please share any tech gift ideas that you have!