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Young Rising Stars In Network Marketing

By Ted Nuyten

The young rising stars of Direct Sales everyone in the industry should get to know or to follow, to learn from 🙂

Young rising stars in Network Marketing are nominated by the Ambassadors of Network marketing, and our community.

This list is by no means comprehensive. To be eligible, apart from sterling endorsements and a strong track record, we asked that nominees be 35 years young or under and should be growing quickly in popularity or importance.

The rising star shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.

“With gratitude for your leadership, contribution and service

in elevating the network marketing profession”

Albert Gyeke (US)
Amber Marie Springer (US)
Amy Poepping (US)
Ana Ramirez Murchison (US)
Andres Uscategui (CO)
Anthony Napolitano (US)
Casipe Wrapshell Alderson (US)
Chad Thompson (US)
David Durant (CA)
Garrett Roberts (US)
Gary Kurt McSween (TT)
Gary Van Aswegen (ZA)
Hayden Vavra (US)
Hillary Grossmann (US)
Jason Brown (US)
Jeff Simpson Jr (US)
Jessie Lee Ward (US)
JP Koster (ZA)
Julian Kuschner (US)
Martin Laurent (DE)
Matthew Rosa (US)
Michael Rezek (DO)
Nadine Rummeling (PH)
Pieter Louw (ZA)
Rebecca Garrett (US)
Richard Buettner (CY)
Sashin Govender (ZA)
Scott Higginson (US)
Seville Ko (US)
Steph Wise (CA)
Tayler Schweigert (DE)
Tiffany McCormick (US)
Vintzent van der Linde (ZA)
Whitney Taylor Husband (US)
Yolande Van Der Linde (ZA)