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WP Social SEO Pro – Best WordPress Social Media Plugin (Really)

WP Social SEO Pro reviewI really like this plugin and you will too!

It should come as no surprise to those who know Mike Johnson that his latest WordPress social media plugin WP Social Pro (Version 3.0) is being called, “The most important WordPress plugin of 2014”. It’s not another goofy plugin that just adds floating social share buttons that chase you down the page (I hate those things).

WP Social SEO Pro is a comprehensive social media connection utility. This is an SEO engineers dream packaged into a simple to configure dashboard that probably IS the most important plugin you’ll install this year – and likely beyond.

While too many plugins seem to focus on David Blaine like Google chicanery*, Mike Johnson’s WP Social SEO Pro aims to give search engines exactly what they want – real honest social connectivity in a clearly mapped scheme. It makes it simple to properly setup your social footprint to increase your search engine page rank, Facebook edge rank and what ever Twitter calls their rank (flight rank?)

Here another site with a 20 minute video of Mike Johnson walking you through the process, purpose and reason you need to get WP Social SEO Pro.

If there was a separate category of WordPress plugins that only listed professional grade utilities, WP Social SEO Pro would top that list in the social media category. Don’t waste time with another sliding, bouncing or jumping social button toy. Build your site properly and start dominating the ranks the right way.

*chicanery [shi-key-nuh-ree] noun:
“the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose.
“an underhanded person who schemes corruption and political chicanery behind closed doors”
Synonyms: trickery, deception, deceitfulness, dishonesty, fraudulence, swindling, cheating, duping, hoodwinking…

To your great success!