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Why Your AdWords Quality Score Needs More Attention

By Jonathan Long

Why Your AdWords Quality Score Needs More Attention image Why Your AdWords Quality Score Needs More Attention

Your AdWords quality score is extremely important, yet it is something that many companies completely ignore and make no attempt to improve. This is the equivalent of tossing money out your office window every day. Low quality scores can end up costing your business a tremendous amount of money.

The individual in charge of managing your AdWords pay-per-click campaign should be monitoring your quality scores like a hawk and making necessary adjustments to constantly improve and maintain them.

Most people focus solely on their costs per click and conversion rates, but the quality scores should be on top of that priority list for several reasons. Here are some specific reasons why your AdWords quality score plays such a vital role in your PPC campaigns.

Lower Cost Per Click

A higher AdWords quality score will lower the cost per click you pay. This can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a campaign, especially for advertisers with a very limited budget. Your quality score can be the difference between a successful and profitable PPC campaign and one that crashes and burns.

It is amazing that so many businesses and individuals handling AdWords PPC accounts ignore the quality score when Google makes it very clear that it can help to lower the CPC that advertisers pay. Make your quality score a priority and put in the effort required to raise it. Improving your quality score will help improve your PPC campaign.

Improved Ad Positions

The advantage of PPC over organic search engine optimization is that an advertiser can immediately get to the top of the search results, where the majority of the traffic comes from. The top paid search positions receive the highest CTR, and Google is in the business of making money when consumers click on these ads. A high quality score is an indication that the ad is very relevant, providing higher odds that it will be clicked on. Want a shot at the top paid search positions? Make sure you have a high quality score among other things.

Most business owners that are not experienced PPC professionals assume that they need to simply bid higher if they want to see their ads at the top of the search results. This is not the case, as it would allows advertisers with poor quality websites and ad copy to appear on top by simply being the highest bidder. Google aims to provide their users with an enjoyable experience, and this means finding what they want when they search.

Higher Revenue

Wouldn’t you like to increase your revenue? Would more profitable PPC campaigns be of interest to you? Of course! If you are currently running PPC campaigns and you are generating enough conversions to make it profitable imagine what improving your quality scores would do. Better ad positions, more clicks, lower CPC, and more revenue.

Many business owners simply aren’t aware of how much impact their quality scores have on the pay-per-click campaigns they are running. Quality scores run from 0 all the way to 10, so there is always room for improvement when it comes to improving your quality score unless you currently have all 10’s (which is extremely doubtful).

How AdWords Quality Score is Determined

Every time someone performs a Google search that triggers your ad a quality score is generated. There are many benefits of hiring PPC professionals, including knowing how your AdWords account is evaluated in order to come up with the quality score:

  • Your keyword’s expected click through rate (CTR): The expected CTR is based in part on the keyword’s past CTR, or how often that keyword led to clicks on your ad
  • Your display URL’s past CTR: How often you received clicks with your display URL
  • Your account history: The overall CTR of all the ads and keywords in your account
  • The quality of your landing page: How relevant, transparent, and easy-to-navigate your page is
  • Your keyword/ad relevance: How relevant your keyword is to your ads
  • Your keyword/search relevance: How relevant your keyword is to what a customer searches for
  • Geographic performance: How successful your account has been in the regions you’re targeting
  • Your ad’s performance on a site: How well your ad’s been doing on this and similar sites (if you’re targeting the Display Network)
  • Your targeted devices: How well your ads have been performing on different types of devices, like desktops/laptops, mobile devices, and tablets – you get different Quality Scores for different types of devices

As you can see, your AdWords quality score can greatly improve your campaign performance on so many levels. Improved ad positions and lower costs per click become very noticeable as your PPC campaign grows, so take time and focus on your quality score in the beginning, or take the time to address your quality score on your campaigns that are currently running.