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What’s More Important Inbound Tactis or Inbound Strategy? An interview with Eric Keiles

By George Thomas

What is More Important Inbound Tactis or Inbound Strategy

When a company realizes that their current marketing is not working, they start to look for new things to do to get the job done. In today’s world it takes you about 5 minutes and you realize that new way is inbound marketing. Only problem, inbound comes with a ton of things to do, which is great in a way, but not in another. The good news is that you will have plenty of tools to help you get your company back into its marketing glory. The bad news is that you might think you can just jump in and start doing “STUFF”. This is kind of like trying to drive a car with no engine. You can sit in the seat, turn the wheel, even press the pedals, but you aren’t going to get anywhere. In other words doing “STUFF” just wont work by itself. So what is one to do? Check out this great interview with Eric Keiles Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Square2Marketing.

In this interview we talk about the need for strategy, tactics, and the balance to be had for success. More importantly we talk about the huge shift in buyer behavior and why companies are seeing their marketing efforts not working nearly as well as they once did.

Jumping right to the tactics:

  • Do you jump to the tactics?
  • Are you focused on Strategy?
  • Is it possible;e to have a happy medium?

Always remember strategy before tactics:

  • If you only have the ingredients do you really know what you are baking?
  • If you only have instructions can you make anything at all?
  • However, if you have instructions you can always get ingredients. Meaning if you have strategy you can always do tactics.

A better word for strategy:

  • Don’t get confused by the word strategy.
  • Focus on the base of your strategy being your story.
  • What about your story makes your company remarkable?

Enjoy the interview with Eric:

There is a ton more information in this interview. I hope you enjoy everything that Eric has to share with us. Make sure you hit me up on Twitter and tell me the story that will be, or is the base of your strategy today. I would love to hear about your story, it is what makes you, you. Also check out the cool companies that Eric shared with us below after the interview.

Companies to check out:

Arbill – Did we say safety?
Tax Warriors – Samaria and taxes?