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What Kind Of Marketing Superhero Are You? [Quiz]

By Amanda Batista

by Amanda Batista | Tweet this

Are you moving marketing mountains for your organization? You probably are, and then some!

While the lack of budgets or resources can rain on any marketer’s parade, we’re seeing companies get crafty to invent the best umbrellas. Marketing isn’t just about art and science, or technology and strategy on its own. It’s about innovating the way we connect our data sources, and using information in a way that helps us add value to our audience.

We know our customers are marketing superheroes, so we created an eBook to mark their accomplishments as profiled in the 2013 Markie Award stories.

What kind of marketing superhero are you? Take our new quiz below to find your marketing superhero type, and access the download the new eBook. Learn more about how marketing superheroes just like yours are saving the day for their organizations!

Are you:
The Quantum Qualifier? You delicately balance the art and science modern marketing. You wear many hats, but wear them well. Keenly focused on metrics and data analysis, you understand how to integrate your team’s efforts to drive sales and keep leads flowing. You’re a shot caller who knows how to conduct business in a way that maximizes your toolkit, without breaking the bank. Your secret weapon – technology.

The Morphing Marketer? You are the ultimate multi-tasker. You know how to move the needle by playing many different parts that contribute to your organization’s success. The words “not my department” don’t exist in your vocabulary. You have the right mindset to understand what works, what needs fine-tuning, and are on the right track to repeat your processes for success. Your secret weapon – elbow grease and persistence.

The Whispering Wizard? You manage do it all – although how and at what cost is a bit of a mystery though. You operate on the down low and maybe using a secret army to support your efforts. You have the right mindset to understand what works and what might need fine-tuning. Your secret weapon – a stash of money and/or agencies.

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Hey, customers, did you have fun with our quiz powered by SnapApp? Learn more! You are invited to join the webinar “Increasing Conversions with Interactive Content” with SnapApp CEO Seth Lieberman, next Thursday, March 6 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m PT.

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