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Want to Close More Prospects In Your MLM Business? Don’t Use Another Script Before You Apply These 3 Tips

By Simon Chan

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. -Napoleon Hill

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You’ve prospected and invited…

Then, when it gets to the closing the prospect…

It just doesn’t happen.

Has that ever happened to you, or to someone in your team?

Getting stuck in sponsoring, especially during the close.

Maybe you’ve struggled on people to respect you to close, or take you seriously…

Did you know one of the BIGGEST mistakes people make is that they prospect in their past or in their present?


Whether you’re new, or maybe you’ve been in the business and you’ve been struggling for a while, you’re letting your current situation, or your current lack of success… Affect you!

There’s something about feeling ‘you’re not successful yet’, that shakes your confidence a bit, and ultimately, it tends to show in your overall approach…

But truth is, not another invite or closing script can cure this.


It’s a matter of a simple yet profound mental shift…

The Determining Factor for Executing a Close

People are buying YOU, not your scripts or how good your products or company is…

We hear vision all the time…

But what is vision?

Vision is what you say to yourself, your self talk.

Many people’s self talk is focused on “Oh, I’m struggling”, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t know if i’ll ever make it”

Vision boards are nice but if you go and talk to yourself in that way- is that really going to work?

Like Napoleon Hill once said:

Whatever the mind a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
It’s about confidence that you have for yourself, in your vision.

Talk to your prospects, approach them like the way if you were making it big already.

I’m not talking about lying about the income.

But it’s about the confidence, not arrogance.

People want to be lead…

Now that you know the one fundamental shift to closing prospects…

You can maximize on the next 3 tips…

3 Tips to Closing Prospects to Your MLM Business

MLM Closing Tip #1- Connecting

This first lesson is about connecting.

Different people connect with different type of people.

Maybe a prospect connects more with you than they do with your mentor…

And that can be because of shared interests, similar backgrounds, etc.

For example…

Let’s say you’re a sports fitness gal, and this prospect was a trainer.

You both got along well, even though somewhere your mentor didn’t connect with him or her.

Who do you think that prospect will feel more connected with, furthermore, more likely to say ‘yes’ to?



Two key points to maximize closing:

1) Connect your prospect with whom he/she will have more of a connection with: are they in similar career paths, are they stay at home parents, etc.

2) If it is you they connect more with: Aside from being able to connect with them, be the person they want to follow.

MLM Closing Tip #2- Break it Down

Break down the objection your prospect may be giving you.

Before you give a scripted response…

Realize that this objection is because they don’t see the value and they’re mentally afraid of the loss.

A way to overcome this fear is to break down the ‘large’ cost (objection) of the initial investment and put it into simpler, ideal terms by breaking down the numbers.

And remember, more information about comp. plans is not how people buy in, but rather how confident you are.

This is called the Breaking Down Close.

Let’s say your prospect Jessie has the classic ‘money objection’ for the initial $700 investment to the business…

And you’d make sure they don’t have any other thing aside from the money that is stopping them from getting started.

You would ask your prospect:

How many days are in a year?

The response would be 365 days…

You’d then break it down further and say something like:

In two years that’s like seven hundred thirty something days right, so just say in two years.

Here’s how you’d break it down:

Jessie, you’re a hard worker, you look like a hard worker…

Are you willing to invest a dollar a day, that’s seven hundred dollars to the seven hundred and thirty days in two years, so, are you willing to invest a dollar a day for the next two years to be financially free?

Now, you don’t have to follow this word for word…

The point is to BREAK DOWN their resistance, objection, into simpler terms/numbers… And show them the vision and value of the payoff!

This break down close is not just for the money objection to the business, but you can a apply this to the money objection of the products, or even to the ‘I don’t have time’ objection…


Break down the cost of the product and show them how cheap it is for healthy nutrition per day, or, if the time objection…

Break down the only available time they have, and if they work the business for those hours each week, in 1-3 years they can set themselves financially free (or whatever their WHY is).

The 2 key points to maximize closing:

1) How confident you are in your questions, your overall approach to get them started.

2) Breaking down their fear, objection into simpler, ideal numbers that then shows them the vision of the value

MLM Closing Tip #3- Weekly Goals

You have to have a weekly deadline, a deadline that creates urgency to hit your weekly goal…

A weekly goal can be how many people you sponsor in a week, or hit a certain amount of sales, etc.

Because fact is, if you don’t have goals you don’t have a business.

You see this in department stores, restaurant, etc.

Macy’s, Apple, they all have quotas, sales they set to be met by the end of the week.

How does this help in closing exactly?

Weekly goals help in your closes because the urgency is working in tangent with the actions you’re taking.

Those are the actions of connecting prospects with whom they will most connect with, breaking down their objections and showing them the vision of the value.


Weekly goals are a profound way to respond to the question prospects sometimes ask-

Well, how much money are you making?

Has that ever happened to you?

You don’t lie to them…

You respond to them by simply saying-

I just got started but I’m getting there, I have goals and i’m getting to six figures.

Maybe it’s not six figures and it’s something else…

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

The point is that you’re speaking with vision (your self talk and belief) of where you will be, not where you have been or where you’re currently at.

What’s your self talk when closing prospects?

Are you prospecting and closing like someone who is ‘stuck and struggling’, or like a top earner would?

Because you can have the ‘perfect scripts’ that can handle any objection…

But, it’s the confidence and the self-talk you carry that truthfully executes a close at the end of the day.


How will you approach your closes differently?

Share a comment below on what you learned, and how you will take action.

God Bless,
Simon Chan

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