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Vemma CEO BK Boreyko Launches New Company – Bode Pro

By Ted Nuyten

65 days ago BK Boreyko made the announcement he willl be launching a new company Bode Pro and the company is live. Operating under the most current regulatory conditions, the Bode Pro compensation plan has been designed to thrive while protecting the Influencer’s (distributors) businesses.

‘What you’re about to experience is what I feel is my best work yet. Countless late nights, early mornings and long days has gone into what you’re about to see. Our very small but talented group of home office staff and very motivated vendors need to be applauded. They’ve pulled off what many thought could never happen, launch a company from start to opening in 65 days!’

Bode Pro takes a fresh approach to ‘direct to consumer’ influencer marketing. This start up tech company deploys technology, fulfillment infrastructure along with an app that contains a suite of features that empowers the micro influencer social media market with the ability to turn their social media into a social marketplace.

“I want to personally thank you for your belief in me and this crazy new way to promote a tremendous line of products.” states Boreyko.

Given the fact that approximately 80% of social media influencers are female, Bode Pro’s approach to social selling features products with a high interest level to the female demographic. The first three product offerings feature ‘on the go’ solutions for focus and mental clarity with their hugely popular Happy product, antioxidant and immune support with Strong and finally, fitness and protein with their very unique Burn. All products come with Bod•? Pro’s Happiness Guarantee.

Bode Pro was founded by BK Boreyko along with his two sisters Karen and Lauren in January, 2017 and launched March 7, 2017. As a God sourced company, Bod•? Pro’s unique marketing approach is rooted in the 20+ years of marketing experience of the Boreykos. First fiscal year sales are projected $50 million in the combined markets of the US and later in 2017, in Europe.

About Bode Pro

Bode Pro capitalizes on a tremendous void in the social media market by positioning social media minded entrepreneurs with 100+ to 100,000+ followers, known as ‘micro influencers’, with technology allowing them to turn what was a social media hobby into mobile based social marketplace.

The process of customer acquisition is scalable through our app, sales funnel and product fulfillment. Bode Pro capitalizes on social media ‘viral influence’ and uses existing platforms to deliver highly consumable and unique products directly to consumers. For more information on Bode Pro, visit