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Trang Helen From Vietnam Achieves President Rank At World Global Network

By Ted Nuyten

Trang Helen, is the first female President of World Global Network (WGN) in Vietnam.

World Global Network is a Triple A classified opportunity by Business For Home, the top rank.

This is what she had to say:

I was born and grew up in a poor coastal countryside. I love my hometown for nourishing my soul with the romantic & longing of the sea. Along with little mild aroma in the aromatic rice fields, where I call ‘home’: Thinh Long Town – Hai Hau District -Nam Dinh Province- Vietnam.

My family is a hero revolution family. I am grateful to have a wonderful grandmother and hardworking parents. My family taught me brave spirit & gratitude! Freedom and happiness is the living philosophy that I’m searching for & designing my own life.

I have dreams and a clear vision. “06/5/2017 – on my 32nd birthday I wrote: 32 years old! Enough sweet – intellectual and mature! Freedom is what I want to have in my life!Freedom of time to do whatever you want – to go wherever you like – to be with my loved ones and live my own lifestyle! Financial Freedom: Having a large source of passive income. Giant and No Risk. Ensure the best quality of life! The freedom of health: Living is enjoying and enjoying the value of life. Living a healthy lifestyl

At that time, April 2017, I was Grand Diamond. I became the first Vietnamese female President in October. Happily I have reached the dream of my life!

Someone told me:

“To have dreams and goals is not enough! You need the right method to help you succeed!”

WGN is the right opportunity. I consider this company as the fastest way to help me reach my dreams! WGN helps me succeed because of:

WGN has the vision of CEO Fabio Galdi. He has the vision to go further beyond the world’s trends of wearable technology, makes technology attached to the health of humans.

He has the very warm heart wanting to create more and more successful people like him.

Together with technology genius Antonio De Rosa. He always wants to create legacies, he helps people in the world to be cared of and protected due to real-time technology.More than ever, with the perfect compensation plan of WGN, I got the chance to make good income & have perfect reward trips! Unbelievable!

I’d love to accompany with Mr. Fabio Galdi and Mr. Antonio De Rosa to contribute the successful for Vietnamese people in the country and abroad, as well as everyone I met so I can share with them about the good products of WGN and the incredible business opportunity which can change the quality of their lives!

I love building success for others!

My joy is to see other people’s happiness and successful, and help them getting better day by day is my mission!.

WGN gave me the chance to get it!

Thanks to International Sponsors – Top 4 World’s Income earners Nat & Chandida Puranaputra, who teach me how to win the game, by building myself with faith, courage and enthusiasm!

Thank you my Sponsors: Mr. Vu Van Diep & Mr. Victor Bui and also Vietnam team. We are a team of courage & spirit of victory! Thanks to the Board of Directors of WGN. Thanks to GM Snow Bui for being together with me and my team to make the history! Thanks to myself for making the right decision and strong actions toward WGN’s opportunity.

I will spread the value of WGN to many more to help them become a President Millionaire.

About WOR(l)D GN

With an Headquarter in MIAMI, USA, WOR(l)D stands apart as a leader in the global markets of media, mobile and wearable technologies. In the 15 offices distrbuited in all the continents, WOR(l)D is employing the brightest minds and best professionals, constantly investing in great ideas and highly motivated people. Every WOR(l)D product reflects its passion for research, innovation and environmental responsibility.

WOR(l)D is a recognized as a leading player in the drive towards a more economically stable, socially connected world. Leveraging a new business paradigm, WOR(l)D seeks to transcend every social and economic boundary.

Using innovative products and a proven, direct selling business model wor(l)d is helping people around the globe to transform their lives—and their livelihoods. For more information please visit