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Tips for Hiring an Inbound Marketer

By Virginia Bussey

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I think one of the most frequent and difficult questions I’ve received this year from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances was, “How do I find an inbound marketer? And what should I be looking for?”

To be honest, my answer for a while was, “Good question.” After searching for our marketing coordinator this year and hearing stories from other companies, I’m finally prepared to share what I’ve learned.

The following are factors you should consider when filling an inbound marketing position and questions to ask candidates.

Characteristics of an Inbound Marketer

There are 3 major characteristics I think great Inbound Marketers all have in common.

1. We are curious and enjoy learning. Inbound Marketing is very different from the traditional marketing most marketers learn in school or have been practicing for years. The term Inbound Marketing wasn’t even coined until 2008, so for us to know and have successfully implemented Inbound Marketing, we had to do a whole lot of learning on our own.

Ask candidates: What blogs do you read? What is an interesting article you read recently?

2. We are passionate. We really love inbound marketing; I often say I nerd out about inbound marketing. We are often passionate about the company we work for, as well.

Ask candidates: What do you like most about marketing? What are you passionate about?

3. We like helping people. It’s in our DNA. We like to help you find answers, share our knowledge, and create positive experiences. We’re the best person to be sitting next to on an airplane with your marketing questions because chances are you’ll get 2