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The Problem of Developing Your Company Voice: An Interview with John Bonini

By George Thomas

Hello everyone, it’s George again and I’m happy to bring you another educational interview to help empower your company with Inbound Marketing best practices. Today I sit down with the incredibly smart and talented John Bonini, Marketing Director for Impact Brand & Design. In this interview, we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to company messaging and voice–as well as some salient points regarding building your brand in an online world.

Why are some companies so confusing when it comes to messaging?

  • Companies don’t know the room.
  • They have not taken time to understand their audience.
  • The delivery of the message social vs digital vs traditional.
  • They are speaking to what they like and not what their customers like. (Talking to themselves)

These are a couple reasons, we point out about confusing company voices in this interview. Believe it or not, there are even more ways that companies can be confusing to their customers.

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Why do most companies not have a voice?

  • It boils down to a confused marketing team.
  • Traditional marketing and digital marketing teams colliding with each other.

When you have marketing teams that are disjointed or confused, you get misaligned messaging. To have a company or brand voice especially a great one, one must have consistency not misalignment. Marketing teams need to get on the same train and work together for the better good of their respective companies.

What is a brand or company voice?

  • How you communicate your message to your prospects and customers.
  • Your brand or company voice should match your target market and stay consistent across all platforms.
  • You need to know who you are and who you are trying to talk to (your ideal customer).
  • Don’t be afraid to infuse your personality into your brands voice if it makes sense.

Your voice can be a very powerful tool. You can use your voice to create joy, surprise, anticipation, but most of all trust. Get to know what your voice is and use it to it’s full potential.

How can you start to build a company voice?

  • Start with “What do you want to be”.
  • Figure out how can you separate yourself or distinguish yourself as humorous, snarky, compassionate.
  • Look at what are your competitors doing? Don’t do that.
  • No matter if you think your company is boring or dull, make it sexy!

We talk about so much more in this interview around a company and brand voices. If you have any questions, make sure you hit me up in the comments section or on Twitter @georgebthomas. Until next time folks, happy learning!