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The Best Time To Post On Social Media To Generate Leads For Your Business

By Simon Chan


I used to hate running. Maybe some of you can relate.

Before I talk about the best time to post on social media and how to use Facebook live to generate leads for your business, let me talk about Philadelphia and running. Cause it’s all related…

I’m out in Philly speaking at Bob Heilig’s event and have been running 3 – 4 miles every morning.

But I used to hate running!

I could play basketball for hours but running a mile was a huge obstacle.

Part of it was because I thought it was boring but the main reason was I didn’t have the conditioning to run for a long time.

I could play sports where it was stop and go (like basketball) but I could never run nonstop for more than 3 minutes without feeling I was going to pass out.

But then a few years later… I did the Philly marathon.

Yup! All 26.2 miles of it

Being back in Philly brings back happy memories of when I ran that marathon.

It’s a cool city where you get to run past beautiful buildings such as the Philadelphia Museum (the scene of the famous Rocky steps) and other historic buildings. You can really get a taste of American history.

I still remember that marathon like yesterday and how proud I was cause I went from hating running to be able to run 26.2 miles.

So how did I transform from barely able to run for 3 minutes to running nonstop almost 4 hours?

It came from consistent daily running.

I came up with a goal and decided I was going to run a marathon within 3 years.

And then one morning, I started to run just 1 mile.

It took me forever but I did it.

And then the next morning at the same time I ran again…

and the following morning I ran again

and again

and then to 2 miles

and then to 3 miles

I created a constant morning running routine.

Before you know it, I could run to 26.2 miles.

And the BEST part?!

I started to love it!

When you get good at something you automatically start to like it more.

The lesson?!

It was about consistent daily action.

It was one of the first fundamental lessons I learned that helped me grow a successful business.

It doesn’t matter where you came from or how bad you are, the most important thing is consistent daily action.

And the same thing goes back to your social media posts or doing your Facebook lives.

I always get asked when is the best time to post.

There really isn’t a best time.

Some people say early in the morning while people sit on the toilet and checks their phones while others say in the afternoon, etc.

Those are definitely good times but you have to realize that EVERYONE else is posting at that same time so you have more competition in the newsfeed.

So when is the best time?!

The best time is ANY TIME as long as it is consistent!

So it doesn’t matter what time you choose as long as it is consistent.

And with consistency, you will start to build a following each day.

You may not see the results immediately but if you post consistently each day every day, you will start to see results.

So start thinking… what time will you commit to posting every day?!

By the way, consistency is super important for doing Facebook Lives. If you’re not doing Lives to grow your business, you must start doing them! It’s one of the things I get all my coaching clients to do.

If you need help and tips on how to use Facebook Lives to generate leads for your business, check out my free webinar this Thursday.

Go here to register.

Ok… got to get back downstairs and get ready. I’ll be speaking on a panel on stage in next 30 minutes.

Have a great Sunday and make sure you register for Thursday’s webinar!


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