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Why Text Message Appointment Reminders Work

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By Aine Doherty Bulk Text isn’t just for sending out marketing or promotional messages; it can also be used as a text message appointment reminder service. Sending text messages to remind your customers about their appointments or bookings with you will not only help to reduce your lost revenue because of forgetfulness, but also it will strengthen your relationship with ...

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Toshiba Encore Exclusive Distribution Partner Revealed

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By Business 2 Community Irish IT distributor Exertis Micro P, have been named as the exclusive distribution partner for the Toshiba Encore Tablet. The 32 year old company, which specialises in B2B and retail distribution, have trained technical support staff and sales partners to use the lightweight portable tablet and have announced that is now available from them at a ...

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7 Reasons to Sweat FCPA Enforcement – Yes, Even Your Company

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By Ed Marsh It’s not just global behemoths any more If you’ve heard of the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), and perhaps researched it a bit, you’re in a minority of US business leaders – even among those that export. You’re probably generally aware of the high profile actions against Siemens and the investigation of Wal-Mart. But you probably haven’t ...

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10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rates

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By Jamin Andrews Improving conversion rates is an area where we are often asked for suggestions. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and here we look at ten that are already tried and tested and, properly used, work well. 1) By adding customer testimonials to your web content, visitors can see real-life endorsements, rather than simply have you ...

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Is There A Marketing Magic Bullet?

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By Martha Spelman Within the last week, two potential clients (one a start-up, another an established consulting firm) asked me how they should market their business; how could they best let people know about their company? Actually, I think what they’re really asking is: “How can I get customers…right now?” And they both used the same line: “I want a ...

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Bad Advice Time: Don’t Worry About SEO – It’s Dead!

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By Margie Clayman If there is one phrase that we wish we could entirely eradicate from the online world, it would be, “Is dead.” So many things have been declared dead over the last several years that it’s amazing marketers and PR folks have anything to do. Marketing has been declared dead. B2B has been declared dead. The web has ...

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How to Become More Influential Around the Office

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By Personal Branding Blog Have you ever noticed that well-respected and influential people around the office walk an emotional and behavioral tightrope? Seemingly effortlessly, they exercise the ability to be accommodating when necessary, yet strong and assertive when it counts. Since they operate in accordance with a given situation, these individuals are more likely to obtain the status, pay, title ...

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