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Forbes Gets Acquired & Here’s What That Means for PR Strategies

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By James Gerber Late last week, Forbes made headlines when it announced that it was being acquired by Hong Kong-based Integrated Whale Media Investments after nearly a year on the market. Although it will mostly be business as usual for the publication following the acquisition, Lewis DVorkin, Forbes’ chief product officer, recently indicated that several major changes loom on the ...

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5 Organizational Tools for Small Business Owners

By Rachel LaCour Niesen Entrepreneurs are always on the move. In fact, perpetual motion seems like a pre-requisite for success in modern startup culture. If youʼre not innovating, youʼre stagnating. Thatʼs why savvy small business owners know that building a business requires more than a great idea. It requires actionable goals and persistent execution. Thatʼs why time-saving tools are essential. ...

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Getting “Social Proof” With LinkedIn Testimonials

By Leslie Hughes One of the best ways to build trust so that you position yourself as an expert (and convert business) is to showcase your testimonials. Social proof is a type of “herd behaviour” and one of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence. When someone says you’re terrific, then others are more likely to feel the same. One of ...

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Starbucks: A Lesson on Inspiring from the Inside Out

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By Joshua Champagne When brands do something remarkable, it is always a good idea to dissect their moves, and learn from both the good and the bad. After letting the dust settle and giving ourselves time to see all angles of the story, we thought it was about time that Cult weighed in on the recent deal struck between Starbucks ...

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Your New Website Is Killing You. Here’s Why.

By Rynn Jacobson You’ve come to terms with it. Your website is outmoded, outdated, and outshone. It’s time for a redesign—a revolutionary website redesign. So, you’ve decided to set to work and make it come to fruition. Before going further in any website design project, there are some very serious financial dangers that you should know about before jumping in ...

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A B2B Investment With a Huge Payoff

By Jessica Mehring Imagine you are a salesperson at ABC Software, a B2B company that sells accounting software to enterprise businesses. Or maybe you don’t have to imagine – maybe you are a salesperson at a company that sells products and services to other businesses. Either way, let’s pretend you are sitting in the office with a VP who is ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

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By Camilla Bradley If you’re not on Pinterest yet, you should be! With over 70 million users worldwide this social platform is one of the hottest sites for photography, yet so many businesses are still unsure about it. In a nutshell, Pinterest is a visual pinboard site that lets you ‘pin’ or collect images and add them to your own ...

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Searching For Customers In LinkedIn’s Haystack Of Members?

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By Gerry Moran “Hello, can you tell me who the decision-maker is for enterprise software decisions?” Sound familiar – whether you are making or receiving a call? Now that sounds like searching for a needle in the proverbial LinkedIn haystack. Is that effective prospecting or cold calling? Does effective prospecting mean conducting a broad search on LinkedIn and using that ...

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10 Benefits of Social Media for Business Every Skeptic Should Know

By Kristina Cisnero Sharing content with thousands of followers at once isn’t the only benefit of social media for business. Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to success and growth in all areas of their companies. However, there are still skeptics who still don’t see or understand the benefits of social ...

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