Baby Boomers: Social Media 101

By Carol Stephen Baby Boomers: Engagement 101 You’re a Baby Boomer, intent on learning about social media. That’s great! Now what? Well, you might learn from your friends, if they’re part of GenC, and connected. But more than likely, you will learn from those younger than yourself, perhaps a “reverse mentor.” First off, congratulations for […]

You’re The Expert — Aren’t You?

By David Brock Customers value sales people for their expertise. They want sales people to bring ideas, to help solve their problems, to help them improve and do better. It used to be, the expertise customers valued was sales’ knowledge about their products and solutions. Sales people would present information about their products and how […]

Don’t Start a Blog. Manage a Publication.

By Jamie Cartwright The most critical change a company can make for its marketing is to start a blog. Even if nobody follows it at first, blogging shows the world (and search engines) who you are and what you do. It gives you the chance to tell stories, write opinions, and promote your achievements. But […]

Being Culturally Social

By Erika Blauch I have a passion for traveling and when I immerse myself in a foreign culture, I do not want to fully disguise my identity of being an American citizen. With that said, there are certain things that I do in order to blend in and be a part of that culture, like […]

How Is Your LinkedIn Etiquette, Gentle Reader?

By Melonie Dodaro Many business people and professionals are afraid of making mistakes on social networks and this prevents them from taking full advantage of all that social media offers. However, there are tried-and-true methods that I’ve used to generate more than 70% of my business on the network. Discover the important Do’s and Don’ts […]

With little effort, Amazon becomes the most shared retailer on Pinterest

By Graham Charlton Amazon has the most shares of its products on Pinterest than any other US retailer, though it seems to put less effort into curation than most of its rivals. According to SearchMetrics, products from currently generate the highest average number of pins per week (16,360) on Pinterest, followed by Walmart (5,778) […]

Use the Four Rules of Rhetoric for Getting Hired

By Richard Sellers You should use some of the rules of rhetoric to persuade the hiring manager to hire you. Note that I’ve selected specific rules below that I believe are most relevant to getting hired and then redefined them to deliver job search advice. Rhetoric Based Rules for Getting Hired INVENTION: Develop Your Argument […]

Why it’s vital to add video to your marketing mix

By Lizzie Davey It’s no secret that video is quickly becoming an essential part of any content strategy, and the 2013 video marketing trends report only serves to concretise this. This year has been fantastic for video, with the emergence of new, social video platforms like Vine and Instagram video soaring in popularity amongst consumers, […]

Another Flashing Red Light: Investments in Stocks by Households and Nonprofits Reach Record High

By Michael Lombardi The general consensus among stock advisors is that the key stock indices will continue to go higher. Each day, I hear about another “bear” throwing in the towel and turning bullish on key stock indices. “Don’t fight the fed or the tape; just buy stocks, and you’ll do fine” has become the […]

Will The Information’s bold paywall strategy work?

By Christopher Ratcliff ‘The Information’ makes a case for smaller publishers adopting a paywall. This is just a brief companion to an article I wrote yesterday entitled do publishers’ paywalls kill sociability?, in which I asked a few questions around the subject of online publications asking readers to pay for content which they have traditionally […]