When Google Analytics Isn’t Enough: Being Proactive with Key Performance Indicators

By Winston Chenery While it’s a great place to start when you’re first trying to put together a picture of your online presence, there’s far more to metrics than Google Analytics. But, what, exactly, should you use Google Analytics for? And how do you figure out when you’re ready for the next level of web […]

Google’s Ad Rank update leads to improved performance of PPC ad extensions

By David Moth A paid search algorithm update by Google has led to an improvement in the performance of PPC adverts that include an ad extension. But overall the new AdWords Ad Rank update actually caused a slight decline in ad performance. The update, which was announced back in October, altered the way that Google […]

The three main approaches to native advertising

By Matt Gower Native advertising is one of the hottest marketing trends this year. From BuzzFeed to Twitter, the most admired businesses of our generation have been built on this supposedly new advertising medium. However, from my experience, understanding of what it really means is surprisingly low. People might understand that it’s akin to what […]

What are ‘nofollow’ tags and when should they be used in SEO?

By David Moth ‘Nofollow’ tags are an HTML attribute that tells search engines not to pay any attention to links that appear on a webpage. It was created in 2005 by the major search engines as a way of combatting link spam and dodgy SEO practices, though its impact in helping to win that fight […]

[How to] Create and Optimize YouTube Ads for Higher Conversions

By Steve Young YouTube is the undisputed #1 online video platform, attracting more than 800 million viewers per month. Combine that audience with Google’s AdWords targeting capabilities and it’s clear marketers have the opportunity to reach new customers locally and around the world with YouTube advertising. The emotional power of video also allows marketers to […]

You, Inc.: This is Your Future Talking

By Ted Janusz Standing at the bus stop after class, I notice an older gentleman who looks eerily familiar. “Excuse me, sir. Do I know you?” I ask. “Why, yes, you do. I am you – 30 years from now,” he replies. “You’ve got to be kidding!” “No, I’m not,” he says. “I’m here to […]

How to Stay Focused

By Dr. Donna Thomas-Rodgers You’ve decided once and for all that you’re finally going to accomplish one of your goals. It could be anything, start your business, finish your graduate degree, or get a promotion. You’re pumped up and ready to get started! You’re thinking of how great it will be once you finish. How […]

The Mother of All Bubbles?

By Michael Lombardi As I often harp on about in these pages; economic growth occurs when the general standard of living in a country gets better. You can’t say an economy is improving when a significant portion of the population is suffering. You can’t claim there’s economic growth when the poverty rate is increasing. You […]

Mobile PLAs Deliver for Retailers in Early Holiday Findings

By Kye Mou Leading up to the 2013 holiday season, Google introduced a number of changes to spruce up their Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Expanding the number of PLAs delivered on smartphones and adding new consumer features, like viewing similar items or creating “shortlists,” are clear indicators that Google expects their rich and highly engaging […]

Thankful31: Mobile Technology

By Kim Beasley Mobile Technology is another thing that I’m thankful for because it has given me the gift of mobility. Being free to take my office anywhere I want and still meet with clients or work on projects has been great for my business. Traveling around the world and having my mobile technology with […]