The Holidays: Reflecting On Leadership

By Dan Newman Every year around this same time we take a step back to enjoy the holiday season with our family. While we all have slightly (or vastly) different rituals, traditions, activities and beliefs; this is the time when many businesses slow down just long enough for us to reflect. One of the things […]

Target Hit With Major Lawsuits and Investigations After Data Breach

By Kevin Fleming Late last week, Target confirmed that its security systems had been breached. Hackers gained access to an estimated 40 million debit and credit card accounts of consumers who shopped at any of Target’s retail stores between November 27 and December 15. Target said it began contacting banks, credit card issuers and the […]

11 Ways To Humanize Facebook Brand Pages

By Jesse Aaron When it comes to social media, it can sometimes be off-putting to see messages from advertisers in between Candy Crush invites from your grandmother and status updates from college friends. After all, Facebook’s original mission was to provide a place where family and friends could keep in touch with one another. However, […]

Who Has Time for Social Media?

By Brent Pohlman Are you still looking at social media like this? If so, you probably have not grasped what social media can do for you. Here is a better question: How can social media work for me? You need to flip social media on its head and have social start working for you. I […]

How to Create Emotional Value for Attracting and Keeping Customers

By Cindy Barnes In the move from the old world of ‘Push’ to the new world of ‘Pull’ – see my last article ‘How push to pull is changing your business forever‘, we need to stop interrupting customers with offerings that they’re not interested in. Instead we have to turn our companies and our offerings […]

Leaders Don’t Seek Out Blame

By Dan Newman The Unpredictable Nature of Leadership If you have led long enough, I’m sure at least one plan, one perfectly concocted idea for business or life has gone awry. Regardless of what the data said and how perfect the situation may have looked on paper, it just went wrong. Poof, the time, money […]

9 Ways to Drive Conversions with Your “About Us” Page

By Bill Faeth Why Your “About Us” Page Really Should Be All About You Believe it or not, one of your biggest and best tools for conversion may be woefully underused. Too many companies throw a simple sentence up on the “About Us” page and call it a day. Worse, the page features a cheesy […]

Online Shopping Habits of Moms: 11 Stats To Know

By Katie Petrillo As the Household CEO and key decision maker for important purchases like cars, electronics, groceries, and more, it’s no surprise that moms spend a great deal of their time shopping for the family. What is surprising is how much of their shopping is completed online, from a computer or tablet, or even […]

The Absence of No: Decision-Making in Corporate America

By Mike Bushong Picture this: you are sitting in a conference room surrounded by leaders and middle management. Someone has just finished delivering a presentation about whatever the hottest new project is. The business case, development plans, and risks were all reviewed as part of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. The objective of the […]

Research: UK Content Marketers Are Confident, Lack Strategy

By Joe Pulizzi Among the marketers we’ve surveyed across three continents, those based in the United Kingdom rate themselves highest in terms of content marketing effectiveness. That’s one of the key findings included in Content Marketing in the UK: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends. This is our second annual UK report, produced in partnership with […]