2014 Content Marketing Predictions

By Heidi Cohen 7 Content Marketing Forecasts For 2014 As 2013 proved, content marketing is the strong engine behind today’s business marketing. Without overt promotion, content marketing provides the information prospects and customers seek in a way that they trust. Here are the seven 2014 content marketing predictions with tips on how to incorporate their […]

Six Expert Guides to Dealing with Keyword (not provided)

By Tom Pick In late 2011, Google began redirecting users who were signed into their Google accounts to the encrypted (https) version of the search engine, beginning the keyword (not provided) era. At the time, Matt Cutts assured everyone that the change would only affect single-digit percentages of all organic search traffic reporting. Image credit: […]

Tablets account for a third of Boxing Day conversions and revenue from PPC

By David Moth Tablet devices accounted for more than a third of conversions, revenue and spend from UK retail paid search on Boxing Day. The data should come as no real surprise to anyone involved in ecommerce, however it is useful as further evidence of the continued consumer shift towards mobile devices. It should also […]

What’s on your SEO wishlist for 2014?

By Graham Charlton 2013 saw many changes which affect the role of the SEO, most of which were instigated by Google. Some good, some not so good. The final removal of keyword referral data was the most obvious inconvenience for SEOs, but Google has also been busy tweaking its search results page, with more prominence […]

Seven ways you can become a real-time retailer

By Ian McCaig Real-time retailing means being able to detect, understand, communicate with and serve your customers at every point in the purchase lifecycle. So how can online retailers react responsively to customer needs when they visit their websites? Here are our seven top tips for how you can become a real-time retailer today. 1. […]

4 Simple Changes that Boosted Landing Page Conversions by 1250% [Case Study]

By Karon Thackston “When you get to this point, where do you turn for answers?” That was the question posed to me by a prospective client. Her company had been working on a lead-generation landing page project for some time without seeing the level of success they wanted. I immediately spotted four critical mistakes that […]

Upworthy’s Top Takeaways For Creating Viral Content

By Joel Rothman by Joel Rothman | Tweet this Upworthy has been called the “fastest growing media company in the world”. Started in March 2012, it now has 87 million monthly views and ranks as the 114th most popular site in the US, ahead of popular content companies such as businessinsider.com and time.com. How have […]

What Can ‘Family Guy’ Teach Us about B2B Lead Generation?

By Jayden Chu Cartoon series fans have had a love-hate relationship with ‘Family Guy’, the brainchild of voice actor, writer and producer Seth MacFarlane. Although the show has built a large fan base, not a lot of people know about its tumultuous past, being resurrected not once, but twice. Recently, the show has been generating […]

More Effective Digital Marketing with Surveys

By Ross Hudgens In the early 2000s, the survey, for most, was an inaccessible marketing technique. It required an audience or a large stack of cash – which meant that most of the time, you probably had both. In 2014, that reality has changed. The survey is accessible to any marketer, and it doesn’t require […]

I Hate Babies, Zombies, and Duck Dynasty

By Kurt Shaver Before the social hate mail tsunami starts, I am talking about these things in LinkedIn Profile Photos. I don’t need a retinal heat map study to prove to me that the photo is the most important part of a person’s LinkedIn Profile. That is why I continue to be amazed at the […]