Interesting Mobile Phone Statistics and Pros & Cons Of Using Them [Infographic]

By Parampreet Chanana Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Everyone uses his or her phone differently, but some uses might be dangerous, which people might be unaware. So we’ve got a cute infographic designed by guys at BlogMost that shows various facts & figures about the usage of smartphones. It shows what […]

Content Marketing Q&A

By John W Hayes I recently hosted a webinar on Content Marketing for the Vocus UK team. It’s a hot topic, driving more engagement than any previous webinar we have run out of the London office… conveniently and rather successfully demonstrating the whole point of content marketing. Content marketing is a cost-effective method of generating […]

How To Set Up A Facebook Page Profanity Filter

By Jacob Curtis Unfortunately Facebook page admins all share a common problem – we have to sleep. And that means there’s always going to be a window of opportunity for “trolls” and “spammers” to run amok on your Facebook page. Luckily Facebook allows community managers the ability to set up a profanity filter that will […]

Social Governance: Take Ownership of Your Social Media Accounts

By Glen Gilmore Don’t Become This Year’s @PhoneDog_Noah Poster Child The infamous case of @PhoneDog_Noah dragged on for three years, wracking up legal fees all along the way. The skinny? Employee with business-branded Twitter account decides to leave the company, taking along with him “his” Twitter account, with its 23,000 followers. Tug of war ensues. […]

How to be Chuck Norris of Growth Hacking: 4 Retargeting Techniques

By TaeWoo Kim Growth hacking (i.e. direct response marketing) 101 trivia: What do you think of when you hear “retargeting”? Yeap, most would say that it’s a tool used to bring people back when people abandon shopping carts. At least, that was the original intent when this concept first came about, and that’s how people […]

Is Your Brand at Risk of Missing the Social Commerce Revolution?

By Alon Popilskis Establishing a business presence on social media has become a primary focus for companies large and small across practically every industry in existence. However for businesses that utilize eCommerce platforms to execute sales transactions online through their websites and affiliates, up until now there has always been a barrier preventing them from […]

5 Little Known Factors To Improve Your Conversion Rate

By David Horn Increasing the traffic coming in to your website is not the most straightforward way to boost your website revenue. Go after the lowest hanging fruit first. In most cases, that means making more from the traffic you already have. After all – you’ve already got those people you’ve done the hard yards […]

Social Media Meets SEO In 2014

By Brent Pohlman It appears from the way things are headed that SEO is coming back. Coming back in the form of social media. Companies like Google and Facebook would like to see organic search go away and everything go to pay-per-click advertising. Little by little, organic search is getting squeezed out. I have used […]

Talking Toy Leadership

By Personal Branding Blog My wife bought my niece a “My Little Pony” unicorn toy for Christmas. I didn’t even know My Little Pony still existed but apparently that is what my niece wanted. I didn’t exactly check out the toy before my wife wrapped it so I was just as surprised as my niece […]

Digital Analytics: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Chase Bruch Consumers are researching, comparing and purchasing online now more than ever. As we move into a new year it’s a good time to reflect on how digital success is measured, what works and what doesn’t. There is a theme throughout the digital environment of a paralysis of choice: a completely overwhelming landscape […]