Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss at Your Company

By James Daugherty If you’ve relegated the task of data backup to the farthest corners of your IT department and put the matter to rest, you might want to rethink that decision—especially in light of the fact that data breaches are getting bigger and more serious. A big data loss at your company can have […]

On Foolery and Finance Leads

By Ava Myers Whether it’s actual financing, financial expertise, or other facets of the financial services industry, they’ve all been accused of ‘fooling’ and ripping them off hard-earned cash. And while April Fools’ is long gone, it’s really painful to see folks recalling the stunts of other brands with a chuckle but casting a dark […]

5 Types of Businesses That Will Cease to Exist in 2014

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By BusinessVibes You’re a wretch and completely addicted to the dismally dismal economic woes of our time. Love it! You choose to bask in it, soak it in. All you choose to see are opportunities in the making. We get you. That’s why in this article we’re going to take a drive through Great Depressionville […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services

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By Tracy Watson Many businesses are turning to outsourcing because of the benefits that are provided when they do so. It cuts down on the amount of time that they spend on areas like marketing or product support and allows them to focus on the more important tasks, such as closing the deal. Although there […]

New UW football coach lifts Twitter ban for players, brings in social media coach

But now, it appears that the new University of Washington head coach is loosening his social media grip. Petersen, who became one of the first … Source: <a href= class="colorbox" title="New UW football coach lifts Twitter ban for players, brings in social media coach” >     

Social Media Sensation by Les Bush

phrase it as one might. Money rules, as day falls to night, going to happen. Doesn’t matter to me, I’m a social media sensation. Drown in knowledge … Source: <a href= class="colorbox" title="Social Media Sensation by Les Bush” >     

Is Your Business Stalling? Facebook Marketing Is The Answer! | YURY RUSH

Facebook is an amazing tool for marketing. Facebook is a social media giant. To reach a much bigger audience for your business, start using these … Source: <a href= class="colorbox" title="Is Your Business Stalling? Facebook Marketing Is The Answer! | YURY RUSH” >     

Social Media‘ Party Results in Rocklin Shooting

ROCKLIN — Rocklin police are investigating a shooting at a social media-driven party on Friday night and asking for the public’s help. Rocklin Police … Source: <a href=–CXiN8u1gCGkHxZMlEkh8g class="colorbox" title="'Social Media‘ Party Results in Rocklin Shooting” >–CXiN8u1gCGkHxZMlEkh8g     

Organizational Change Management: How to Build Your Demand Gen Center from the Inside Out

By Steve Turley Part 2. Change Management Theory Change is inevitable, right? The only constant is change. Those are great clichés with an air of authority – we innately understand the underlying truth, but we just as strongly resist. To quote the Beatles’ John Lennon, “You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, we […]

You’re Hired! Now What? – Targeted Job Search

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By Personal Branding Blog You have just been hired for your dream job! Well, maybe not your dream job, but the next step in your career. You have followed all of the steps in the targeted job search. You’re done — right?? I grew up in the day when we expected jobs to last 10, […]